More than four cameras

Currently have a fairly large adt safe watch system that I’m planning to get an SEM module for. Also have about 7 cameras (some legacy nest and some google nest) including one legacy nest doorbell. I’m thinking it’s a good idea to have cameras to have everything under one roof. To have 24/7 recording, is it as simple as putting an SD card in each cameras? I also see that the surety website says that their monitoring plan only supports up to four cameras. Is there an option for more?

Yes, you just need to put a microSD card in each camera and then enable Smart View for all cameras from your Surety management settings.

Surety supports more than 4 cameras through add-ons to your base plan. It’s +$5/month for each additional set of 4 cameras (ex. +$5 for up to 4 more, +$10 for up to 8 more, etc).

The Surety Complete and Protect service plans includes the use of up to 4 compatible cameras.

If additional cameras are needed, a level of the Surety View Video add-on can be added after account set up. Each level includes 4 more cameras.

You can add levels of video to Surety Alarm or Home as well.

Service plan features and pricing, including add-ons, can be found here:

Only compatible cameras can be used. Nest cameras are not compatible.

More information on video through can be found below:

Compatible camera models

SD Recording Smart View