Lutron Shades Issue

I have Lutron shades hooked up to ADC.

On the app it shows that there is a malfunction. I can not control my shades via the ADC app

However on the Lutron App, everything works fine which would seem to indicate the receivers, transmitters, internet connection are OK.

No erorrs on the panel.

Status commands to the main repeater are failing. The first step I would perform is a power cycle of the main repeater.

Wait about 5-10 minutes after cycling the power, any change?

I did that and cycled the panel as well and no change. I dont think its the repeater because I would think if that was malfunctioning it would not be able to operate through the Lutron app?

I called Lutron and they had me operate it with their app on wifi and without wifi (cellular data) and it worked. They told me this meant the repeater is working and they think this is an issue on the ADC side.


I assume are are working with ADC on this?

is what Lutron is stating correct based on my precious post?

Yes, and I see similar behavior in your event history with regard to Lutron messages as the Z-wave lock. Looking back at examples of status communication, I am seeing an identical device change status displayed upward of 20-30 times in the exact same second.

I can’t say it is definitively that the two are related, but I would certainly assume a bug is occurring, causing these symptoms. I’ve never seen this on another account that I am aware.

I’m waiting on follow up from ADC on the info I have sent.

I went through a few days of history to see if I could find any other repeated statuses, but I did not find any examples other than Lutron and the locks, which is strange. That doesn’t mean a different example doesn’t exist, I just haven’t found one, but found plenty of those two.

Thank you Jason. I dont think its the panel otherwise other devices would be failing or multiple “device changes” would be sent out.

for what its worth I had issues before per this thread:

I think that most people don’t utilize the automation of ADC and 2GIG as much as I do . This is why all these things come up for me. ADC could use me as a “tester” or someone to help resolve some issues

Thank you for staying on top of ADC.

Looks like this issue was fixed. I assume it was due to you working with ADC.

Could you tell me what went wrong?

Can you tell me if this was related to a similar issue that is causing my Schlage locks to send multiple commands?

It is possible they sent some troubleshooting commands or made progress on the backend, but I have not received an update yet. When did you notice functionality resume?

It started working yesterday afternoon when I posted.

It would be nice to know what happened and if the learning from this will help resolve the Schlage lock issue

I can confirm that the strange issue of lots of duplicate status events are still happening for Lutron. I see the same one listed over 100 times this morning in fact. is still looking into that issue and trying to recreate it.

thank you. Are they working on the Schlage issue as well as it seems very similar?

Yes, we are treating the issues as potentially linked

The Lutron Repeater is malfunctioning again

Is it the same issue where shades are not responding?

Also, ADC would like to see if testing manually locking and unlocking the door with the door open (no friction on the bolt) makes any difference. Would you be able to test that a few times?

Yes same issue as where shades not responding and showing malfunction

At 1PM PDT I unlocked mnaullay and electronically the schlague locks with the doors opened. No friction on bolt

Thank you, I’ve updated that with ADC, to confirm we see the same repeated event so hopefully that helps narrow down what ADC is looking at.

Can you try power cycling that Lutron repeater when able? I have sent a couple troubleshooting commands, hoping we may be able to get one to go through.

Just an update.

I reset my panel. Because I changed some batteries (motion detector, gate) and it was throwing loss of spervision or “malfunction” errors.

I moved my repeater closer to these dvices as well.

The Lutron shades seeMed to back online, then went offline and showing “malfunction” again.

The Shclage locks are both showing malfunction and I cant clear.

Thank you for the update. Looks like that Lutron malfunction was short lived this time. It cleared this morning.

I received an update from ADC a couple days ago confirming that engineers were currently investigating. I do not have any concrete details or additional troubleshooting yet but hoping we should hear back soon.

I have sent a separate troubleshooting command to the lutron repeater. I am hoping to see different activity in history after this. Can you try sending a few Lutron commands and let me know when those were sent?

sent commands to all the lutron blinds at 12:47 PDT

Alright, I am actually seeing what seems like normal reporting from those events now. Let me know the next time you notice the Lutron malfunction. I’ll want to look at the preceding event history.