Lost Power in Home - Doorbell VDB780B not connecting

After our home lost power, I noticed that the Doorbell alarm will not re-connect. I tried cycling power and re-connecting to the WiFi. Those did not help. Every other camera on my property came back online except for the doorbell. Can someone help me troubleshoot?

The VDB780B is the one camera which would not be immediately powered off during an outage. When you cycled power do you mean the camera or that you rebooted the W115C chime? Make sure both are done.

The camera last reported being connected to the chime as its access point, so the chime is likely disconnected from the router.

Thanks, I got the chime to connect. What is the procedure to re-connect the doorbell camera because the power cycle and the network connection method via the troubleshooting on the app does not seem to be working.

Steps to connect a VDB780B to the W115C are linked here: