IQ Remote PowerG: Status LED goes off with screen since OTA update


My relatively new IQ Remote PowerG remote just today had an OTA update. I happened to see it updating. Since that finished, the LED status light goes dark when the screen timer goes dark (currently set to 1 minute). If I touch the screen or arm or disarm the system, it comes back on with the screen but then goes back off when the screen does.

Obviously this is new (and unwanted) behavior since today’s OTA update.
I have rebooted the unit but the problem persists.
It makes the LED pointless.
How can I get it to work like it did before this update?

Here’s the current version:

Software: 4.4.1
Build Number: rc0006_20230926
Linux Version: 4.4.71
Android OS Version: 7.1.2


To confirm, under Photo Frame settings on the IQR-PG, when Display Type set to Off, and the panel enters the Photo Frame Start Time, the arming status LED turns off along with the screen, correct?

Yep, exactly.
So, as a temporary solution I’ve changed the photo frame setting to display the clock instead of go off and now the LED stays on. It’s so weird. I’ve switched it back and and forth. The behavior remains consistent.

I’m 100% sure it was today’s update that did this. Hopefully a patch can fix it soon.

I can replicate with the Display Type set to Off. LED stays on when Display Type is set to the other variables.

This may be a bug or by design, I do not see documentation specifying this change however. I have reached out to Qolsys to confirm and will follow up here once I have more information.

Excellent. I appreciate it.


It appears that this is a bug and should be resolved in a future firmware update. I cannot say for certain when that would occur but you can stay up to date with FW releases and patch notes by following the below thread:

Very good. Thanks for the info.