IQ Remote PowerG Secondary Panel - Nighttime LEDs Not Showing

Hi - I recently upgraded the main panel and the second panel to firmware ver. 4.4.2. Prior to upgrading, I had setup a nighttime setting to turn off the display from 10pm - 8am everyday, but to keep displaying the LEDs (green or red) indicating whether the alarm was armed or not. After upgrading the panels, the secondary panel will not display the LEDs from 10pm-8am. The nighttime mode settings in the photo frame dialogue window is set to only turn off the display; the voices/chimes/LED’s are all unchecked. Any advice to get the LEDs to display again at night? Thanks!

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Looks like this issue has appeared prior to 4.4.2.

Currently there is not a workaround for the issue. It has been reported to Qolsys and may be resolved in an upcoming FW

Thanks for the response and providing the link. Totally missed that thread when I searched earlier. Will keep my eyes peeled for a new fw version in hopes of it being resolved.

Hey @tyler.

I’m new here, but what’s the best way to voice our dissatisfaction with this to Qolsys directly? This bug has been outstanding for quite a while now and I rely on this for peace of mind; a quick glance at the panel to know my alarm system’s status is FAR more awesome and simple compared to grabbing my phone and opening the app to simply determine my system’s status.

The worst part here is the LED appears to be inoperable often when the display is off and I consider this simple “always on” light to be a valuable feature of the panel itself; I shouldn’t have to rely on an app and for something so simple.


I’m new here, but what’s the best way to voice our dissatisfaction with this to Qolsys directly?

For the most part, Qolsys only deals directly with Dealers, not end users. However, contact information for Qolsys can be found on their website:

This particular issue has been reported. When addressed, fixes like this are included in firmware. While I cannot say for certain when the next update will roll out, we post them in the thread below, along with patch notes and update instructions.

This should be resolved as of FW 4.5.0

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