Iq panel has black screen with green light flashing

IQ panel 2 is not working with green light flashing. Any suggestions? Tried unplugging battery and power.

I would recommend an extended power down as a troubleshooting step. Unplug both battery and transformer for an hour. Leave the panel off for that hour, then try plugging in battery first, then transformer. Does it boot up?

No it did not.

How is the panel powered? Via the included cable and power supply, or via the included power supply and an existing cable run through the wall?

Check to ensure wiring is correct at both ends panel and power supply.

Additionally, when the panel was opened and battery unplugged, was the battery flat, or bloated? If its bloated/puffy its gone bad and needs to be replaced.

Additionally, if possible test the power supply voltage with a multimeter to ensure it is producing the correct voltage (as printed on the unit).