Installation Best Practices for Video Analytics

Video Analytics Camera Setup Best Practices

Camera position, angle, and distance requirements
Position Position the camera 8-16 feet above the ground. If the camera is repositioned, recreate all of the rules and recalibrate the camera if the camera supports calibration
Angle Angle the camera downward between 30°-60°. The horizon line should be as level as possible with the ground at the bottom of the image. This recommended angle provides for an ideal field of view while avoiding clouds and trees. Video Analytics is designed to work with an angled-down perspective; not horizontal, and not top-down.
Distance Targets should not be farther than 25 feet away (15 feet at night), and the entire target should be visible inside the camera’s field of view.
Environment Be aware of any bright lights (i.e., motion-triggered floodlights) near the camera that may attract insects or affect exposure and IR settings. Mount the camera in such a way that a vehicle’s headlights do not shine directly into the camera.Avoid reflective surfaces (i.e. overhangs/eaves, walls, etc) that will reflect IR lights at night and make it difficult to see objects further away as reflective surfaces become overexposed.

Recommended Camera locations

  • Overlooking a driveway
  • Overlooking a front porch or wherever packages are dropped off
  • An area of interest around a yard, where kids or animals are sometimes seen
  • Indoor entryways, exit ways, or hallways of interest

Not recommended

  • Areas with constant or uninteresting motion (e.g., roads with regular vehicle movement, trees constantly swaying in the wind, etc.)
  • Pointing cameras out a window, as screen interference and reflections cause Video Analytics performance issues

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