How to set up a LiftMaster MyQ Retrofit with Internet Gateway and Control Panel through

What items are needed for installation

  • MyQ Control Panel (888LM/889LM)
  • MyQ Internet Gateway (828LM)
  • Compatible door opener
    • LiftMaster compatible brands made after 1998
    • LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Sears/Craftsman, Raynor and Access opener.
      ALL with a purple learn button with purple antenna wire.
      MOST with an orange/red learn button with gray antenna wire. The following models are incompatible:
      Models 2500 & 2500C (2500B and 2500BC are compatible)
      1000SDR, 2000SDR

Install MyQ Control Panel

Be sure to follow all printed instructions included with the device for installation. Below is an overview:

  1. Disconnect all electrical power to the garage door opener.
  2. Remove the existing door control from the wall. Note the polarity of the wires connected to the existing door control. Label the wires appropriately (Red/White).
  3. Disconnect the wires from the existing door control.
  4. Connect the wires to the new MyQ Control Panel.
  5. Mount the MyQ Control Panel to the wall.
  6. Reconnect power. The yellow command LED (in the center of the MyQ Control Panel) and the red learn LED (above the learn button) blink quickly for up to five minutes as the MyQ Control Panel recharges. When the MyQ Control Panel is operational, the yellow command LED is solid.
  7. Test the MyQ Control Panel. Press the push bar to activate the garage door opener.
  8. Connect to LiftMaster Internet Gateway using the following instructions.

Connect MyQ Internet Gateway

  1. Connect Ethernet cable to router and the internet gateway.
  2. Connect power to the internet gateway.
  3. When the internet gateway connects to the internet, the green light stops blinking and lights solid. If the green light does not light solid, check the power, router, and internet connections to the internet gateway.
  4. Write down the serial number on the gateway to be used in the registration process

828lm wiring

MyQ Internet Gateway LED guide

LED color Description
Green Flashing The Gateway has an IP address from the router but is not connected to the internet.
Green Sold The Gateway has an active internet connection. Infrequent blinking indicates data traffic.
Blue Solid The Gateway has learned at least one MyQ device. The blue light infrequently blinks to indicate communication in progress with MyQ device.
Yellow Solid The Gateway is actively waiting to learn a MyQ device. This times out after three minutes if a device is not learned.

MyQ Control Panel LED guide

LED Color Description
Yellow & Red Flashing The MyQ Control Panel is powering up.
Red Solid The MyQ Control Panel is in learn mode.
Yellow Solid The MyQ Control Panel is operational.

Register Internet Gateway

Note: The Internet Gateway cannot be registered through if it is already registered through MyQ/LiftMaster. The Internet Gateway must be removed from the MyQ account before attempting to register it to

Additionally, if you have already had the gateway connected to an account or a MyQ account, you will want to actuate the wall button a couple times before attempting to pair with

Register the Internet Gateway using the Website

  1. Log into the Website.
  2. Click Settings .
  3. Click Devices .
  4. In Automation Devices , click + LiftMaster Installation .
  5. In the Serial Number field, enter the serial number of the Internet Gateway, and then click Continue .

  1. Click Add New Device to put the Internet Gateway into learn mode.
  2. After the yellow light is on at the Internet Gateway, go to the MyQ Control Panel and push the learn button twice.
    • On the MyQ Control Panel, the red LED turns on.
    • On the MyQ Internet Gateway, the LED turns blue once the device is learned in.

888LM Light diagram

  1. Return to the Garage page and click Check for New Devices .
  2. Repeat steps 6-9 if initially unsuccessful.


  • If the yellow command LED does not turn on, reverse the wires connected to the R and W terminals of the control panel. Replace the wire if necessary.
  • If yellow and red LEDs blink slowly, the control panel is not compatible with the garage door opener.
  • If the yellow and red LEDs blink quickly, the control panel is charging, and may take up to five minutes to become operational.
  • MyQ gateway Learn Mode is active for three minutes during which time devices associated with that gateway is inoperable.