How To Program Sensors into a Simon XTi and XTi-i5

To enroll a sensor using the panel:

  1. Tap Settings Gear Icon.
  2. Scroll to down Programming , then tapEnter
  3. Enter the installer code, then tap OK .
  4. Tap Sensors .
  5. Tap Learn Sensors .
  6. Trigger the sensor by pressing the sensor program button or releasing the sensor tamper switch. The Edit Sensor screen appears when the sensor is found.
  7. To change the sensor number:
    • Tap Edit next to Sensor Number .
    • Enter the new sensor number, then tap Save .
      Note : The sensor number can only be edited during sensor enrollment.
  8. To change the sensor group:
    • Tap Edit next to Sensor Group.
    • Enter the new sensor group, then tap Save .
  9. To change the sensor name:
    • Tap Edit next to Sensor Name .
    • Tap Edit next to the item number to be changed.
    • Scroll through and tap to select the name from the list, then tap Save .
      !Note : Default the screen to List and not Keypad. This gives the user the list of stored sensor names.
  10. Tap Save to save the changes.
  11. Tap Close to return to the Sensors screen.
  12. Once new devices are added, open, close, and tamper the device to ensure it is working locally.

Sensor Groups

  • Group 01 = Remote Panic, Keyfob or Touchpad with Audible Police Panic
  • Group 03 = Remote Panic, Keyfob or Touchpad with Silent Police Panic
  • Group 06 = Remote Panic, Keyfob or Touchpad with Auxiliary Medical Panic
  • Group 10 = Entry and Exit Door
  • Group 13 = Window Sensor
  • Group 14 = Interior Door Sensor
  • Group 17 = Indoor Motion Detector
  • Group 26 = Smoke or Heat Detector
  • Group 29 = Freeze Sensor
  • Group 34 = Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Group 38 = Water Flood Sensor

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