How To Change the Wi-Fi network settings of an video device

Video device wireless network settings can be changed if necessary.

Note: These settings can only be changed if the video device is connected to power and is currently connected to the internet. For more information, see Reconnect a camera to a wireless network if the router, equipment, or Wi-Fi settings change

To change a video device’s Wi-Fi settings using the Customer Website:

  1. Log into the Website.
  2. Click Video .
  3. Click Settings .
  4. In the Video Device dropdown menu, select the video device to edit.
  5. Click Wireless Network .
  6. To enter the new settings:
  • Click Smart Gateway to connect the video device to a Smart Gateway on the account.
  • Click Copy to copy the network information from another connected camera.
  • Click Scan to scan for, enter the Wi-Fi password, and connect the video device to a broadcasting Wi-Fi network.
  • Click Manual to manually enter the network’s SSID, Wi-Fi password, and encryption type.
  1. To apply the same wireless settings to all cameras on the account:
  • Click Advanced .
  • Click to select Apply these settings to all wireless cameras on this account .

Note : All of the wireless video devices on the account must have an active internet connection for Apply these settings to all wireless cameras on this account to function as expected.

  1. Click Continue to apply the new wireless network settings.

To change a Skybell Doorbell Camera’s Wi-Fi settings:

Whenever the wireless network information is changed, the SkyBell Doorbell Camera must be re-enrolled. This may involve deleting the SkyBell Doorbell Camera from the account.