Door Locks for automation on GC3

It appears you cannot create a scene or rule, that would check if a door lock was unlocked and to issue a lock command at a designated scheduled time? Would like to ensure a door gets locked at night.

Is this a limitation that was made for a reason for GC3? It just seems as if this functionality could easily be added and I have seen it on other panels. Anyone know if this functionality is pretty much a no go for future updates?


  • Rlopez

You are correct in that Lock activity cannot be scheduled. Locking and unlocking automatically at specific times is not available. This is mainly viewed as a security issue I believe, and I have not heard of any momentum toward making scheduled lock activity possible. However, we are always happy to push user requests to!

Locks can be automated based on Arming events for the panel, or by other locks. It requires a manual event trigger.

Alternatively you could set up a scene which arms the panel, locks the door, turns on/off lights etc. all at one time with one input.

I can see having automation around door locks a security risk. Maybe the user request could be made to only allow automation for “lock” mode only, but the ability to “unlock” through automation is not allowed.

Thanks for the info.

  • rlopez

Yeah, unlocking automatically is definitely more of an issue logically. I’ll push this to ADC, though I know we have talked with them about this in the past so I am not sure if it will move this particular needle, but you never know. The more it gets requested the more likely it is.

We’d like to be able to have it lock our door automatically after a certain amount of time. Our lock has that function, but only allows for 30 seconds auto-lock, which is a bit too quick for our purposes.

That time frame is set by default in the lock. Some models may have that as an editable parameter, but it cannot be changed through at this time.