Can't add iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max to bluetooth disarming

Sorry - meant to reply to this earlier. The phone I was able to pair was the iPhone 14 Pro. The phone I was unable to pair was the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

So maybe the issue with the older phone was slightly different, it had previously been connected but when I went to try with it, it never discovered it, I didn’t try much beyond because I assumed it was just the same issue. It would have been 16.0 or 16.01. Unfortunately I no longer have that phone

But the iPhone Pro Max is not working, my partner has a pro so I can try that also.

No luck for me with the iPhone Pro. I had read that Qolsy doesn’t allow tablets to be used for Bluetooth disarming. Is it possible that however they greenlist phones, they haven’t added the new iPhone?

This is a good thing to bring up to them, but I think it isn’t likely. Users have indicated that they have been able to get a connection to work with name changes. (on iOS 16 versions)

This is probably a result of iOS software. We’ll suggest this to Qolsys however. I am not aware of how exactly they filter connected devices for bluetooth so there may indeed be a bug there.


I’m having a similar issues except I can’t get the qolsys panel 4 to pick up my Bluetooth at all. It doesn’t show up period. I can connect and pick up all other devices and so can the panel but my phone doesn’t see the panel and the panel doesn’t see my phone.

What phone model are you using?

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Thank you, we will update the ticket with ADC

Ok, thank you