Video Monitoring

Video Service through allows you to see what is happening at your home or business property when you can’t be there. Video integrates seamlessly with security and automation solutions, or it can be obtained independently for users who only want Video Monitoring (standalone video).

Services Available Through Video

  • Live video and saved clips via web and mobile devices
  • Instant notifications when a clip is recorded
  • Secure offsite video storage
  • Use Two-Way Audio to hold conversations through compatible cameras.
  • Alarm and sensor-triggered video recording
  • Recordings can be attached to email/MMS notifications for immediate review on computers and compatible mobile phones.
    • Recorded clips can be played back through the web and on the customer app, through compatible mobile phones.
  • Indoor and outdoor IP camera options
  • Intelligent video notifications that can detect people, vehicles, and animals with Video Analytics. (compatible cameras only*)
    • Package Alerts
  • 24/7 Continuous Recording
    • Streaming Video Recorder (sold separately or On-Board via SD Card on compatible cameras.

How it Works

Video monitoring through Surety can be obtained through a number of ways:

More information on how to set up cameras and features through can be found below: