ADC-VDB770 LED Troubleshooting Guide

Below are the various potential LED conditions and what they indicate on your ADC-VDB770. You will see a variety of these during normal setup and operation:

  • Solid red - No local or Internet connection

  • Blinking red - Power on, camera booting

  • Solid green - Connected to

  • Blinking green - Local network connection

  • Double-blinking blue - Unable to ring indoor chime

  • Blinking blue - WPS mode (press and hold button for 30-35s)

  • Blinking white - Wi-Fi Access point mode (press and hold button for 34-45s)

  • Blinking yellow - Camera power cycling (press and hold button for 40-45s)

  • Alternating red & green - Camera resetting to factory default (press and hold button for >45-50s)