2gig GC2 Communication

Hi, due to 3g sunset, had to replace 2gig Gc2 radio with a 4g Lte one. It has 11/31 signal, which seems low. Passes cellular test and is working (1 day). But since atmospherics change propagation, i wonder if
Q1 should i get a signal amplifier?
Q2 how often does panel test its signal to Alarm.com so i could know if there was a problem.

THX, dont want to have delayed or missed alarm notifications.

Happy to help. Is this regarding a current Surety subscription? Or do you have service through another provider?

11 on the signal strength is not a bad number. That will work just fine. Anything double digits is good to see. If you are having issues, the more telling stat with regard to the signal quality is the Registration Time, which is something your service provider can look at on your account. That is what I would check first to determine the connection quality overall.

Q1 should i get a signal amplifier?

No. There would be no need based solely on what you’ve described.

Q2 how often does panel test its signal to Alarm.com so i could know if there was a problem.

Panel communication is supervised by Alarm.com, not the panel. Outbound panel tests are often monthly.

Alarm.com pings the panel on a supervision interval to make sure it is still signaling. The supervision interval can be anywhere from 24 hours to 1 hour, depending on your account. That would be something your current service provider would be able to answer. (I’m not seeing a connected subscription, let me know if you have service with us through another username.)

Thank you Jason.

I have 3 buildings. 2 2Gig and 1 Qolsys.

Monitored by another company. Started with them in 2013. Feel some loyalty but truly appreciate Surety and this forum as some things are elusive. When finish construction will look into converting to Surety for monitoring. Thanks again fo your Knowlegeable willingness to help.



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Absolutely! Happy to help with questions either way. Your provider should be able to tell you the supervision frequency for your panel.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Jason ready to change to Surety. Can I talk to you or someone versed at moving over alarm com accts I have 3 systems and all are under one Acct ( I think)

All Alarm.com systems would have their own account. If you have 3 systems they would be 3 separate Alarm.com accounts. They are likely connected via Multi-System-Access in Alarm.com. I couldn’t speak to any consolidation your prior provider would have with billing accounts.

Are all of the systems GC2s? The steps to get started with an existing GC2 are found here.

Basically in our website you would just purchase a subscription for each system, then with an unregistered module you could activate each of them and set up multi-system-access again in Alarm.com. This standard process would result in brand new Alarm.com accounts, so rules and notifications would need to be recreated.

Optionally a transfer process exists which would just transfer the existing Alarm.com accounts to Surety, but the limitation there is that the current service provider must support this and initiate the transfer. The exact steps for that option are discussed here.

2 GC2 and 1 Qolsys 2+

The Qolsys works but screen is black.

That panel purchased just under 2 yrs ago

Screen is black as in you cannot turn it on at all? The standard setup process would require accessing the panel and running a cell test from the screen. Are you unable to do that?

The screen does mot display but if i know where to press i can operate it. All other panel functions work fine, including arm disarm from app
Is there any way to recover the setup into a new panel? Or do i have to start over. Reason im changing to surety is poor help from current provider, plus $50 per hour for any troubleshooting
Ive power cyled it twice to no avail. 15 min each time.

There would be two ways to try to backup and restore the existing panel settings to a new panel.

  1. Have your current provider perform a backup and restore to a new panel. Then switch to Surety.
  2. Have your account transferred to Surety, we can run a backup and restore to try to send the settings to a replacement panel.

Both options would require some cooperation from the current provider. Otherwise you would need to program sensors in individually again into the new panel. (Ultimately this usually doesn’t take long, so always an option)

poor help from current provider, plus $50 per hour for any troubleshooting

That’s for an active alarm service subscriber!?

Programming sensors would not be easy, but would i would do it. Best is get it over to Surety first. The inquiry i made on fb messenger Surety agent gave me a code to give current provider. I i trust your prices will be similar and co,petitive, so don’t you think thats simplest approach from here?

A transfer PIN code would be used by your provider to start a transfer to us, yes. Please note that we would not be able to accept a transfer until a subscription is purchased for any systems you wish to transfer over.

If all three systems are to be transferred, be sure to select a subscription for each system. You can purchase your chosen subscriptions here. Just ignore the module check.

Transfer steps are here.

All plan pricing is visible here.

Added to cart then went to add another and it removed the first one. Do i have to check pit 1 system at a time?

Yes, subscriptions must be purchased one at a time. If you add a second plan to the cart it will replace any plan in your cart.

Purchased plans 1 for each of 3 systems …sending the code to current provider now. Hope they letgo. Hope screen problem resolves, with out having to get another panel. Is this a known problem?

No, not a known issue that I am aware of with a completely failed display. I would expect it to resolve when power cycled, or it would likely be a hardware failure if it doesn’t.

Thx Jason

Now will wait until Surety has all. Then you can try the Qolsys backup. Hope u can invoke from your computer. Still Has all functionality except display. Do I need to get a micro SD card ?

Also question- I took delivery on it 10/1/2018 so is it useless to ask for warranty consideration?

If you are looking to replace it under warranty typically the warranty is 1 year from purchase or 2 years from manufacture, whichever comes first. On some isolated issues Qolsys has covered the 2 years from manufacture even if past 1 year due to the nature of the issue, but yours is likely beyond that possibility. In either case you would need to contact the vendor where it was purchased to perform a warranty process.

There is no need for an sd card

Jason evidently the transfers are complete. Will you try to back up the Qolsys now? Let me know if it goes thru successfully please? Thank you, Rick

Sure, yeah I started a backup for you. I’ll follow up here with instruction when complete!