Zwave devices disappear from 2gig panel after power outage

Hello. I have a 2gig panel (not the one with full screen, but the prev version)
Every time after a power outage all things (door locks, lights, plugs) disappear. I have to remove them one by one, re-add one by one, rename, recreate the automation. I have done it about 20 times already over the years and finally got tired of it. Is there anything I can do for this not to happen again? Maybe upgrade the panel?

We are aware of this problem on the GC2, I’ve seen it reported about 10 times, and I have never seen it happen to the same panel twice. Not saying that’s impossible, just that in practice it appears pretty rare.

If yours has done this 20 times it will undoubtedly continue to do so. There are no further updates for the regular GC2, you have the latest firmware there in your image.

Replacing the panel with a different model would be advised to avoid this specific issue. You could probably replace it with a different GC2 and not experience the issue like this, but the GC3 or the 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel 2 would work well and avoid the issue.

Also, are you experiencing whole home power outages that often? Are these during storms/power surges?

Or is it circuit specific? Even if you replace the panel I would power it from a different circuit if you are having that high of a frequency of issues with one specific circuit.

Thanks for your response Jason! Yes, the outages are always due to storms. I am inclined to go with GC3, if that is more stable.

Have you heard anything about a GC4 in the future? If we upgrade, it would be good to get the latest and greatest.

Many thanks!


I don’t have much info, but 2GIG is indeed making a big deal of a new compatible panel, called the 2GIG Edge, and has set a release date next year, complete with a countdown timer on the website here.

It appears to be 2GIG’s answer to the IQ Panel 2+.

Thanks! I bookmarked it. Have you heard anything about Smartthings integration? Or that would be more of an, rather than a 2gig, question?

What do you mean regarding Smartthings integration? Do you mean with the 2GIG Edge? I couldn’t confirm details about the panel, but in general Smartthings can be used as a secondary Z-wave controller (or primary with the alarm panel secondary) with most systems. There would be no control of ST through though. They would be parallel networks.

Yes, I have with the 2gig panel, key locks and some exterior lights. All other zwave devices are in ST. I would love to be able to write rules for ST that are triggered by alarm status, for instance.

I heard about secondary controllers, but not sure how to set those up. Nor do I understand if ST should be secondary to 2gig, or 2gig secondary to ST.

I would love to be able to write rules for ST that are triggered by alarm status, for instance.

You wouldn’t be able to do this directly, but if ST can trigger rules based on device status you could use appliance modules or relays like the MimoLite to act as a bridge so to speak.

Create rule in ADC which turns on switch when alarm occurs, then in ST whenever that switch turns on, do something else.

Z-wave sensors can’t be used by the panel and ADC but you could use one with a wired input along with the programmable output on the 2GIG terminal block to trigger based on one specific state as well, like during fire alarms, or when armed.

Here’s a walkthrough how to do pair IQ Panel 2+ with Smartthings. 2GIG would be similar process, just different menu structure.

Here’s a description of how to do it with Vera and 2GIG. Substitute Vera with Smartthings.

Thanks Jason! I tried to follow these instructions, put the controller in Learn mode and tried to add the generic device into ST.
The following things happened:

  • The controller stays in Learning mode indefinitely, until I cancel out. When i go back, it still shows as Primary
  • in ST I get an error: 34-302
  • However, a controller shows up in ST anyway (but not in the room I chose for it in the first place)
  • in some, but not all devices from ST do show up. I have two door locks, and only one shows up.

So all in all, I don’t think it worked as planned, but for practical purposes I could live with it it appears, IF I could get the second lock to show up as well.

What should I try next?


Oh, and it looks like that lock doesn’t work from :frowning:

For Surety users, they can send commands through the Surety System Manager to request an updated device list from the panel and sync up the devices.

It doesn’t look like you are a Surety user, so we wouldn’t be able to help with that. Please be sure to contact your service provider for assistance with your device list.

As far as the lock control goes, what model of lock is it? How far away were the ST and 2GIG panel when pairing? They should be within close proximity throughout pairing, then you can move them back to their permanent spots.

I am not yet :slightly_smiling_face:. I emailed the support email a few days ago to switch. Your support is better than my current provider.

No problem, happy to help how we can until then.

If you know the lock to be a compatible model, you may just need to try pairing the controllers again with close proximity to one another to help ensure everything goes through.

Things that are incompatible with ADC/2GIG still won’t work through the panel, you would only be able to control those through ST.

It should be compatible, they are Kwikset 99100-077.

I can try the process from scratch. Why would the controller keep saying “The panel has entered Z-Wave learn mode. The panel’s current Z-Wave ontroller type is: Primary”.

It stays in this state forever, until I cancel out. It learns some devices in the meantime (not all of them). But it never changes to Secondary.

Why would the controller keep saying “The panel has entered Z-Wave learn mode. The panel’s current Z-Wave ontroller type is: Primary”.

Which controller states this, the 2GIG panel or the ST Hub? What firmware is the 2GIG panel on?

This will likely require local testing. Will follow up here if we are able to determine anything.

the 2Gig. It is the message after toolbox - advanced - learn controller