Zooz Z wave switch is not showing up


I added couple of z wave devices to my 2 gig module. I am seeing one switch in my account but not the other one.

Not sure how to diagnose this one.


Are you referring to the Zooz Zen30 double switch? If so unfortunately this is expected. The dual switch function is not compatible at this time. A similar thread is found here.

It is ZEN22. I added two of them to the module but only one showing up in alarm.com app.

is there anything you an do to refresh the module from your end?

I already sent commands to request the updated equipment list from the panel, however no new devices are being reported by the system. I just see the one new switch that was already listed.

FYI, you can send this same command in the Surety System Manager by selecting Send Z-wave Device List to Alarm.com.

Can you try removing the switch that is not visible in Alarm.com and pair it again with your panel? Then wait a few minutes and try the Send Z-wave Devices button in the System Manager.

How do i remove the device? I went to remove device on the panel and I do not see any.

To remove a Z-wave device on the 2GIG GC2 you tap Services > Z-wave > Wrench Icon > Installer Code > Remove Devices.

While the panel is listening for devices to remove, you press the pair button on the device.

Thank you for your help. I was able to pair it again.