Z-Wave Lock status is not updating in Alarm.com or the status is incorrect

If the lock status is not updating in Alarm.com or is incorrect, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify the lock is using high-quality, name-brand batteries, such as Energizer or Duracell. Generic batteries may not read back the proper status because they use up all of their power locking/unlocking the lock.

  2. Verify if the lock status is accurate with the door open. This can indicate the lock latch has trouble fully extending due to available space within the door frame itself.

    • If the lock is a deadbolt, verify there is enough room in the wall for the bolt to fully extend. Depending on the lock, the settings for how far the bolt extends may be able to be configured. Check the lock’s installation guide to see if this setting is available.
  3. Eliminate the possibility of Z-Wave communication issues. For best results, the lock needs to be within 6 feet of the panel/module when enrolling it.

    • Consider adding more devices to act as repeaters and then perform a network rediscovery.
  4. Power cycle the lock and panel, verify that the lock batteries have a strong charge, and then manually lock/unlock to test if the status updates.

  5. If the preceding steps haven’t resolved the behavior, re-hand the lock.

    • Caution : This may require a factory reset depending on the lock model. If this requires a factory reset, it will delete all user codes from the lock. Check your specific lock’s user manual for more information.
  6. If the preceding step does not resolve the behavior, delete and re-add the lock.

  7. If the behavior persists, replace the lock.

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