Wifi jamming by thieves

If wifi jammer is being used, will it disrupt the communication between IQ4 panel and the door/window sensors?

Wi-Fi jamming can impact devices communicating via wi-fi

The referenced wi-fi jamming does not impact cellular communication between the panel and alarm.com nor does it impact RF sensor communication between the panel and sensors.

PowerG sensors use spread spectrum hoping technology for communication between the panel and sensors. PowerG uses something like 50 frequency channels and hops between those channels many times per second.

They make wifi jammers and cellular jammers and both are different signals that would need to be jammed.

They make devices that are “combo” units that will jam cellular and wifi in one unit.

Thieves are getting more sophisticated and going through greater lengths.

Today, the news showed thieves breaking into business adjacent to jewelry stores as they are easy to break into and then using a sledge hammer to break through the drywall to get in the jewelry store.

The takeaway is that I don’t want to alarm anyone more than necessary, however thieves are going through greater lengths. to break in.

I do believe alarm companies will have to address this and stay ahead of the curve.

I sent Jason some of the links where you can purchase these jammers BTW

It would be nice if there were a PowerG to Ethernet bridge that you plug into your modem/router so the IQ Panel could send alarm signals to it via PowerG and it forwards them to Alarm.com via wired Ethernet.


This is an awesome suggestion and would eliminate the need to run an Ethernet cable!!!

thank you…

just to clarify, the new sophisticated wifi/cell jammers will block IQ4 panel from calling the monitoring station?
Also, even if we get a phone landline or ethernet to an alarm panel, these new jammers will also block the communication between sensors and IQ4? and if not, then phone landline connection to alarm system or ethernet are the only solution?
I do not believe Qolsys IQ4 has either option (phone or ethernet connection)?

It’s not really about the sensors to the panel. It’s about jamming the signal for the alarm to reach dispatch. Currently the panels use cellular or WiFi to send a signal. They make jammers for that

You can buy a Ethernet module for iq4 which would solve this, but then you have to run a cable from your panel to router.

another issue is that unless a homeowner places a huge sign by their house stating that NONE of the wifi jammers will work at their property, theifs will be in and out before police will be able to arrive, anyways… without even knowing that jammer did not work… lol

There is only so much you can do and that is what insurance is for

If a pro team of thieves wants your stuff bad enough there is nothing you can do to stop them

I still rather have an alarm than not have one

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To sum it up a bit, assuming you are using PowerG sensors and dual path (internet + cellular) communication from the panel to the monitoring center, it looks like this.

The PowerG link is pretty secure thanks to frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). It’s unlikely that an intruder can interfere with it.

Communication from the panel to the monitoring center is dual path - signals are sent simultaneously through both communication paths. If either path is working then the signal gets to the monitoring center.

The Internet path either uses Wifi (what most people use) or wired Ethernet (if you have an IQ Ethernet Card). Wired Ethernet is arguably more secure because it can’t be jammed from outside but it can still be blocked if the intruder can cut your internet connection from the outside.

What can you do to deter someone trying to block communication from the panel to the monitoring center? Here are a few ideas to help.

Secure Your Outdoor Cable

If possible, make sure your internet connection, whether it’s coaxial cable, DSL, or fiber, is buried or hidden outside your house. Make sure it’s hard for someone to walk up and disable it.

Cellular Signal Strength

Make sure your panel has good cellular connectivity. If it doesn’t, move it somewhere so it does.

Outdoor Siren & Strobe

If it’s legal in your area, use an outdoor siren and strobe so that if an intruder has successfully blocked both your internet and cellular communication paths, there will still be something to draw attention when they set off the alarm. Install it in a hidden or inconspicuous location so they are unlikely to notice it before it starts sounding. There is a PowerG outdoor siren & strobe that works with the IQ Panel 4.

1 Hour Supervision

By default, Alarm.com detects communication failure with your panel within about 6 hours. For an additional $1/month you can upgrade your account to detect communication failure within 1 hour.

Display Yard Sign

Make it clear that you have a professionally monitored security system so that your house isn’t the path of least resistance when they have many to choose from.

Remember that most intruders are not sophisticated enough to even attempt to block dual path communication. Every security-related decision you make is a trade off between cost and benefit. Each person has to decide what’s worth it for them.


This is super helpful… cant thank you enough.

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Does the IQ Ethernet card replaces the wifi card inside the IQ4 panel?

Are there any instruction on the Ethernet card install or anything related to it?

Also, for the Power G wireless siren/strobe, are there any instruction on how to enroll into IQ4?

Thank you so much

Does the IQ Ethernet card replaces the wifi card inside the IQ4 panel?

No, there is an empty slot between the PowerG and legacy RF cards

Are there any instruction on the Ethernet card install or anything related to it?

Panel should be updated to the latest firmware before installing the card. When installing, the panel should be completely powered down. Steps 1-3 here cover how to do so safely.

If using the ethernet card, there are some things to be aware of.

  1. Wi-Fi and Ethernet cannot be used at the same time. To use Wi-Fi, the ethernet cable must be removed from the card. Anytime you plug in the ethernet cable, Wi-Fi is disabled and it needs to be re-enable once you remove the Ethernet cable. The panel will not revert to Wi-Fi automatically if the cable is removed. The card does not need to be removed to do this.

  2. Live View at the panel with Alarm.com cameras is not supported with this integration. While I have been able to get some cameras, like the V515, to work, doorbell cameras in particular do not fully work. Your mileage may vary.

  3. Firmware updates must be done over Wi-Fi.

Also, for the Power G wireless siren/strobe, are there any instruction on how to enroll into IQ4?

We do not offer that device so I dont have specific steps but you should be able to do it through Auto-Learn mode like any other PowerG device. Ill follow up if I find anything specific.

The following selections can be made for the PG9901 Siren

thank you so much… so for firmware updates, need to remove ethernet cable, enable wifi on the panel (I assume it is just a setting in the advanced settings?), update firmware, them plug the ethernet cable back in and it automaticall disables WIFI?

Correct. Any time you need to use Wi-Fi, you need to unplug the ethernet cable. The Ethernet Card does not need to be removed.

Wi-Fi is enabled by navigating to Settings > Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi

Another thing I neglected to mention, once you install the card and connect via ethernet, you will likely get a Wi-Fi error on the System Check page of the home screen. To resolve this, you will need to disable Wi-Fi Warning Messages in Dealer/Installer Settings.

Ill try and get a guide put together for it, as we do not have one. I will follow up here with a link to it once I have posted it

got it, thank you, again.

More information on that card, including installation.

Thank you so much for your guidance… I installed an ethernet card, disabled Qolsys WiFi … all good now. The Power G siren/strobe is next…

One more question… for ADC-V724 cameras, is SD card based on-board recoding possible with ongoing cloud event recordings as well as on-site ADC-CSVR126 NVR? It would make sense since if WiFi is jammed, the videos will be recorded on SD cards as cloud/NVR recording will be down.

A camera can record continuously to an Onboard Recording schedule and SVR recording schedule at the same time.