Why do I have both a Surety login and an Alarm.com login?

As a Surety customer, you have two logins - one for https://suretyhome.com and one for https://alarm.com. This is because Surety is an Alarm.com provider/dealer, and is a separate company from Alarm.com.

Surety Login

Your Surety login at https://suretyhome.com is used for:

  • Signing up for Alarm.com service
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Billing and changing your payment method
  • Using System Manager (requires both your Surety & Alarm.com logins)
  • Using this support forum (https://support.suretyhome.com)

Your subscription (how your pay for your Alarm.com service) can only be associated with one Surety login. This login is the owner of the Alarm.com account.

If there are additional people who use the system and want to use this support forum, they can create their own Surety login and still get help. However, only the login associated with the subscription (the owner) can make changes to it and the professional monitoring account.

Alarm.com Login

Your Alarm.com login at https://alarm.com is used for:

  • Managing your Alarm.com account
    • Adding/removing users
    • Adding/removing devices
  • Using your Alarm.com account
    • Arming/disarming your system
    • Home automation
    • Notifications about your home and system
  • Logging into the Alarm.com mobile app

You can have many user logins on your Alarm.com account. The Alarm.com login created when you first sign up for service and create your Alarm.com account is the primary login - usually the same person with the Surety login. Any other users added to your Alarm.com account have secondary Alarm.com logins and are managed by the person with the primary login.

In summary, your Surety login is used to sign up, manage and pay for your Alarm.com service, and get support. Your Alarm.com account is used for everything else, including day-to-day use of your system.