Where to purchase a "2Gig 2GIG-GC3-345 GC3 Security & Control Panel"

I dont see it in the products page. I just got a Strange error on my panel… But everything seems to be in order. I had a power outage the other day then a day later I got an error message Malfunction rockchip rk3399 I google searched and not sure if my old 2Gig panel even has that chip and if it needs a remote reboot. ? Im selling the house and would prefer a quick fix.

thanks Jason and everyone else here who always came threw and helped. Im forever a customer.

edit: I had to do a google search to find it here . Perhaps im not use to the new webLayout,

Looks like it not im stock. I guess that’s why Its not listed in products?

We no longer sell 2GIG panels. We do monitor a lot of them and we happily support them but over time we’ve found the Qolsys IQ2+ to be more reliable and provide a better overall user experience. It was a tough decision bc we love 2GIG but it made sense to consolidate. For people upgrading a GC2 we recommend the IQ Panel 2+ 345 MHz.

Any idea in my my 2GIG has this error but seems to work as it always did? also how is the migration over to a Qolsys IQ2+ I have 20 sensors and 15 or so Z-Wave devices

thanks Ray

The Iq panel will use ur current sensors and z wave devices u just program them in too the panel which is very easy to do I’m getting ready to replace my parents 2gig gc2 with the Iq panel 2 plus

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Btw r u going to take the system with u when u move

if I invest in a new Qolsys IQ2+the possibly . I just want to know why im throwing a code and everything is working fine.

How long have u had that panel and what cell communicator does it have

I have never heard of a code Like that

Its at least 7 years Old. I went from a 2g cell to a 3g now im told I need to upgrade again to 4g… Its starting to get annoying… lol

Wow that is a long time special if u went through 2 communicators I’m wondering if it the panel Going bad or the communicator going bad I mean yeah it will need replaced but I’m wondering if it’s 1 or the other

Does it display that code on the screen all the time

no Only on the mobile app. Weird right? I closed the app and rebooted the phone and iPad same code.

Hmm I have never once heard of that

So that would have to be somthing internal that no one has heard of or came across so it could be alarm.com or the panel I’m not really sure

Which don’t make it easy for u because u to know if u got to purchase a new system or not

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Im hoping a simple panel reboot will help. The error only happened after a loss of power but the battery backup never died. So its not like the panel lost 100% power.

Try panel reboot

I forgot how to do that. I use to remotely add a user then delete and the panel would reboot years ago. That does not work anymore.

I know I hate how it reboots every time u make a change to settings it make a long process specially if ur doing somthing to it or working on it lucky the Iq don’t do that . U go to system manager for that

Rockchip rk3399 is the device name of a smartphone that was used on your account for Geoservices. The error is unrelated to your panel.

Did you recently replace your phone?

You can resolve by logging into the Alarm.com website and navigating to Settings > Geo-Services. Click on the device name and the trash icon to delete it.

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