What I discovered switching over from 2 Gig GC2 to Qolsys IQ 4 - For those considering Switching

Panel is 10 times more intuitive than GC2 panel to program

I thought I would post this so others can benefit. I encourage people to switch from the GC2 to the IQ4

The devices were easier to program than I thought and went quickly. I printed a hard-copy of the devices from ADC and just checked them off as I went.

I did them all before switching my system over. When switched over , they did not match up with the numerical order on ADC and I had to re title all those manually

Being able to switch over systems through the web portal 24/7 is a huge help, along with putting my panel on test without talking to anyone

Z-wave was harder than I thought. You have to be close to each device and not just locks. Some of the z wave devices have a secondary pass code you have to enter which sometimes meant taking apart a door lock or outlet so I could get those.

ADC keeps alll your rules and schedules. So all you have to do is repopulate your devices and z wave devices after you learn them in. THIS WAS A HUGE HELP

My lutron Blinds seem to stay intact as did my wifi garage door opener

The panel runs forever on a battery so its not a big deal to carry the panel around. However Zwave programing requires it to be plugged in so get a long extension cord

The 2GIG repeater works with the system. When I disconnected it, it some sensors would not go off such as legacy recessed door sensors

My Leak Gopher Water valve programmed in even though its not on the list of approved devices

Surety was very responsive with every question I had. Its a bit of a challenge as I am 3 hours behind them, but it worked out.

For those still hanging on to GC2, I have Verison LTE radio, TS! remote panels, and a Go Bridge for sale. (Surety, do you want these as your customers often need these for repair…willing to trade for monitoring Credit. I bet this posts converts a lot of people, even though I didn’t write it for that purpose. My insights are objective) GC2 is going into the trash. Really disappointed in 2 Gig for the lack of support in that Unit.

Glad to hear your swap went well! Yes, two of the primary reasons we switched to supporting Qolsys panels years ago are:

  • They are more intuitive with programming, easier to use.
  • The manufacturer is generally far more responsive to problems.

Z-wave is usually the most time consuming aspect, especially with a larger network of devices.

Appreciate the suggestion regarding TS1, etc., we do not stock used parts though.

I am attempting to move from my current GC3 unit to a IQ4 345 MHz.

I currently have 16 wired devices in two TAKE-345 units, can I just leave my GC3 connected to ADC, power up the IQ4 and then learn the 16 wired zones into the IQ4 using “Auto Learn Sensor” while the GC3 is still connected?

Then power down the GC3, then enroll the IQ4 unit (containing the newly learned devices) with Surety. Then go to ADC and re title these 16 wired devices?

Would that work?

Or am I required to FIRST delete each sensor on my GC3 and ADC account then learn each into the IQ4 and then relabel on ADC?

You can learn the 345Mhz security sensors (like the TAKE-345 zones) into the IQ Panel 4 without removing them from the GC3, they are just broadcast sensors and the panel is programmed to listed for them.

Z-wave devices would need to be removed first, then added.