Weird Temperature Alert on all my sensors today

Good Morning All,

Did anyone got weird alert this morning about temperature? Like This:

As you can see it shows that temp was restored. all my sensors are set to notify above 80F and below 40F

Why would I get this notifications?

We’ve had a handful of these reports pop up, it appears there is a potential bug in the rule processing.

I would recommend trying to delete the temp sensor, then recreate the alert. Does it still behave incorrectly? is looking into these reports.


I have try deleting and re learning thermostats and sensors yesterday. I actually delete my entire zwave network and re learn everything. It was all good until about an hour ago. Got notifications again.


I’m assuming ADC.COM is still investigating this. I just want to add to it maybe it will help. I only get incorrect notification from 3 of my thermostats. I do have two different models. 2 -T3000 and 1-adc-t40.

I realized today that I don’t get incorrect notifications from my 5 Temps sensors and they all got same rulle set up.

Maybe you can add this to ADC report.

Thank you, yes I will forward this to ADC, any specificity or different pattern of behavior is helpful.

Do we have any updates? I had it turn off and i turn it back on today and shortly after i got notifications again so i turn it back off.

No updates on this issue as of yet

Good Morning,

Do we have an update? Can this be escalated to someone in for immediate resolution?

As per our conversation before looks like only thermostat are affected. Temp sensor do not send this notification, and yes they are set up to do it. It almost looks like the values are some how flip on ADC side compare to entrees.

Notifications received:

1st floor settings:

2nd floor settings:

Basement settings:

now lets review this we are going to use 1st floor as example:

I should only get notifications when temperature reaches above 80F and falls bellow 55F.
I get notifications that temperate been restored 68.4F below 80F, almost look like it takes “above” for “Below”

This been going on for a while now and has not been resolved. I know others are probably tired of getting incorrect notifications.

I did try what was suggested to remove and read thermostats and nothing changed. I don’t know how would this help anyway as this is back end issue not local issue to the thermostat.

Thank you

This is a known issue, it was escalated to engineers however I do not have an update yet. I requested an update on it recently, unfortunately there is not an ETA, but I know they were working to isolate the cause.