Weird Temperature Alert on all my sensors today

Good Morning All,

Did anyone got weird alert this morning about temperature? Like This:

As you can see it shows that temp was restored. all my sensors are set to notify above 80F and below 40F

Why would I get this notifications?

We’ve had a handful of these reports pop up, it appears there is a potential bug in the rule processing.

I would recommend trying to delete the temp sensor, then recreate the alert. Does it still behave incorrectly? is looking into these reports.


I have try deleting and re learning thermostats and sensors yesterday. I actually delete my entire zwave network and re learn everything. It was all good until about an hour ago. Got notifications again.


I’m assuming ADC.COM is still investigating this. I just want to add to it maybe it will help. I only get incorrect notification from 3 of my thermostats. I do have two different models. 2 -T3000 and 1-adc-t40.

I realized today that I don’t get incorrect notifications from my 5 Temps sensors and they all got same rulle set up.

Maybe you can add this to ADC report.

Thank you, yes I will forward this to ADC, any specificity or different pattern of behavior is helpful.

Do we have any updates? I had it turn off and i turn it back on today and shortly after i got notifications again so i turn it back off.

No updates on this issue as of yet