Vivotek ADC-V520IR camera, unlock it

I have 3 Vivotek ADC-V520IR cameras, all the same. They were previously tied to a Vivint alarm system installed in the US (think, but I now live in Sweden. I cannot get them seen by any 3rd party setup / control software I’ve tried… and fear they are somehow still “tied” to my now-closed Vivint account. Neither Vivint or is willing to assist me. When connected to my router with a CAT5 cable, their router port displays a red LED. I have tried everything found thru Google posts, but to no avail. Can anyone out there assist me? Many thanks in advance, Dave M.

You have to restore the Vivotek firmware, and use the vivotek software.

Power up and reset the cam by holding in reset for like 30 sec or so, Ethernet connect it to your network, then install the Vivotek software, then upload the firmware via it.

Once firmware restored, the software is your cam controls and audio/live view. If you want to be able to record/store video footage, you will need to acquire a Vivotek NVR (something like the VIVOTEK ND8321).


Thank you Riven… I will follow your guidance. Dave

You should also be able to use free Vivotek recording software if you have a PC that can be always on. But you would need manufacturer firmware first.

Hello Riven. OK, I am both stumped and (probably) dumb. I have unzipped the file, opened the Vivotek user manual, and have the .pkg format firmware file available. On page 42 of the manual it says how to download the firmware into the camera… but HOW do I access the camera to do so? Because I cannot see the device thru the Vivotek Installation Wizard 2 (v1.2.0.1) appl., and when I try to reach it thru its IP address… after a great long while (2-3 mins.I do get something on my screen from the camera, but then “user setup” and “configuration” options just hang there and eventually time out. For the record, I’m using a 32-bit IE browser. Sorry to be so dense, but I’m not an IT pro. So how do I get access to the camera to update its firmware? Thanks again in advance, Dave


Contact Vivotek, tell them you have the IP8131W, and are trying to update the firmware with Installation Wizard 2, but the wizard cannot find the camera.

Hi Riven. OK, I will do as you suggest… just 2 teeny final questions please:
1). Do you have a good contact number or email address for Vivotek?
2). In general, would you expect that camera firmware would be updated thru their Vivotek Installation Wizard 2 appl. or thru the camera’s IP address?

I will let you know what Vivotek recommends to (successfully) get this done… via a later post to this forum. Thanks again, Dave M.

You reset cam, connect it to network via Ethernet. The software should see it, if it doesn’t, then it could be an issue with the router. The firmware appears to be updated through the app over network.

OK, thanks.

All fixed and working now. Thanks Riven and Jason for your input. Cheers, Dave M.

How did you get it to see the cam?

Why can’t they just have a default user/pass like everything else. It’s a pain in the A** with these cameras!

I changed the name of my SSID, now ADC site can’t see my cam after I reset it (can find it but can’t configure it) and I lost my stupid pin to re-reset it!! Arg… cameras aren’t made to be used stand-alone, they require a connection your account. It is a pain if you change your SSID without updating the cameras first because the connected to is broken. If you need to change your SSID again, log into first and go to Video -> Video Device Settings -> Wireless Network Settings -> Manual and change the SSID in the camera first. Then change the SSID on your wireless access point.

Delayed response to riven’s 02 September question above:
I called the European Vivotek camera tech support desk, and talked with a very helpful guy there named Choy Man. Using TeamViewer appl., he took over control of my laptop for a short while… and determined that I was missing a necessary little s/w patch on my machine that enabled communications via my router and the camera’s IP address… to the camera. Frankly it seemed a bit of a mystery to me, but after he was done (took all of 30 secs.)… boom, I could see live camera video on my laptop. So I thanked him profusely, uninstalled TeamViewer, did a thorough scrub of my laptop with MalwareBtyes… and became a happy guy. US-based was of no use whatsoever. As it turned out, the (OEM) f/w in the camera works just fine. Also, Vivotek offers a complete line of control software and mobile appl. s/w for their ADC-V520IR cameras on their website. In general, I found them to be a very helpful company. Thanks, Dave M.

See if you have that software patch still, if possible upload it or link a download.


Also, this is confusing… you realize that Vivotek is the “OEM”, right? is not ( just rebrands the Vivotek cameras).

As it turned out, the (OEM) f/w in the camera works just fine

So, did you restore the Vivotek OEM firmware to the V520IR cams, or are you running The firmware on the cameras that you are running locally using Vivotek software?

If the later is the case, then that “patch” will allow cameras to be unlocked and used both locally AND on video service plans. I would love to get that patch.

Hi riven. Yes, I know the term OEM well (having managed design projects for “OEM” customers, as the manufacturer). In US engineering terms, I’m referring to custom firmware loaded in by Vivotek… being the OEM. It’s confusing. My only point was that camera firmware worked fine in the stand-alone mode… getting replacement generic firmware from Vivotek was unnecessary (vs. what I had been told). But let us not get sidetracked here.

I have attached what I believe to be the patch the Vivotek tech. support guy downloaded on my machine. The download happened rather fast, as he was racing around thru directories doing research… and frankly he wasn’t wasting time waiting for me to keep up.

If this isn’t the patch after all, then I suggest you contact him directly. His name is Choy Man, and his email is

Let me know how it goes. Thanks, Dave M.

Oops, looks like this patch file cannot be uploaded to your site after all… but at least you know the name of the file now. So Choy Man is your guy. Thanks, Dave M.

Oops, looks like this patch file cannot be uploaded to your site after all…. but at least you know the name of the file now.

The patch file name is not known. This is not my site, and I am just a User. Don’t upload the patch to this site as it apparently exceeds size allowance. Upload it to something like google drive, onedrive, dropbox, etc and do a download link. (like I did in the second post of this thread: Post # 30231)

As for being the OEM for the Vivotek cameras, I think you may be confused. The OEM makes the hardware and equipment. In this case, at least, is not the manufacturer of the cameras they use.

I’m referring to custom firmware loaded in by Vivotek…. being the OEM.

Vivotek builds the camera hardware, the cases, etc, and the Vivotek cameras are then rebranded "’, and loaded with a firmware variant. is the “end product company”.


Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a term used when one company makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company's end product.

Hi riven. Glad to give you the last word on OEM. Here’s Dropbox link to the file… I figure the “please” part of your request was implied. We’re done. Cheers, Dave

Thanks, and appreciated.

No offense was intended. This is forum, and for the sake of others who may read this thread, I felt it was prudent to clarify who is the OEM. Otherwise, if ADC was the OEM (which they are not), then there may arise Dealer issues /legal issues insofar as the software may allow the unlocking/modification of the camera (which in ADC’s case are firmware locked to only their services).

If this helps, look at it like this:

You have the Vivint branded 2GIG GoControl panels with a 2GiG firmware variant, and a silkscreen panel logo… the Panel (hardware and equip) is still OEM 2GIG though. Same deal for the and the Vivotek Cameras.

From what you have posted above, that patch allows the ADC branded cameras to be unlocked and used standalone with Vivotek software locally, and does not require the original OEM firmware to be restored (which means the cameras can then be reused and added back to at any point as the firmware variant is still installed).

I have not myself tested it yet though.