Vivint's 2.0 panel and alternate providers

I recently had a Vivint system installed, with the new panel, but canceled within my 3 day trial period. They have abandoned the equipment and I’d like to use it with a different provider. Do I just need to switch out the cellular module to do so?

Interesting question. Their newest panel was purchased from 2GIG for their sole use. Since its brand new, and I’ve not before heard of a 2.0 panel being left behind, I’ve not encountered this question before. Are you positive that you are not under contract? I’ll do some follow up investigation, but I doubt there are alternate cellular modules available for this particular panel to use with other providers. To use the sensors you have, you may have to replace the panel with either the first Go!Control panel or the soon (we hope) to be released Go!Control 3.0. We’ll follow up to be sure, but I’d be very surprised if the panel could be used by alternate providers powered by

Thanks, this original post was placed on my behalf.

I’d like to keep the Vivint panel if I can because it is really pretty nice. Thanks for checking into whether I can put a new module in it, I’m interested to see what you learn.

Would it be possible for you to post a photo of what the module looks like? According to a colleague here who has discussed the panels with 2GIG, the 2.0 uses the same modules as the previous model. But not having hands on experience with the 2.0 version, visual confirmation would be nice. Still investigating for a more definitive answer.

You would definitely be able to use the existing sensors, as the same ones are used for both panels. Word from 2GIG is that the modules for the CP-21 Go!Control 1.0 should work with a firmware update on your 2GIG Go 2.0 panel. The firmware can be shared across the two panels is what I am being told. I want to verify this with engineers, but it could possibly just require a new module.

See attached for photo of the panel.

Would it be possible for you to post a picture of the communication module itself or maybe just the inside of the panel itself?

No need. I’ve received clarity on this from our partners at I’ve been told that the 2.0 uses a completely different back end. It’s a new alternative to We’ve been told by ADC that these panels can NOT be used with, regardless of the provider (Vivint or otherwise). The back end it uses is specific to Vivint. (Still wish we could get our hands on one to test in our office.) In order to use services (and/or use the sensors with any provider than Vivint) you would need to replace the panel. The original Go!Control panel has a different look, but there is a newer version (the 3.0) we’ve been (impatiently) waiting to see released which will look more like the 2.0 / Qolsys panel.

This thread shows a comparison view -

OK, got it.

I’d like to start having the system monitored now, rather than waiting for the new panel to be released.

If I just get a new panel (presumably the original Go!Control), would all the sensors/door locks/etc be compatible with it, and would be still retain all of the home automation functionality we currently have?


You can get the panel, and get a new cellular module for SuretyCAM, unlock it, optimize the settings and then you will have to reinstall all sensors, and zwave gear…the cameras have to be though

Here is how to reinstall all the sensors, and re pair all zwave home automation gear

Optimal panel configuration/settings:

Reinstalling (How To) sensors/home automation gear:

I really wish I had first hand knowledge of this, but I have been told the sensors used are the same as with the first Go!Control. If that is the case, they should all work. You could look at the sensors we have on our store to see if they are the same (all shown work with 2GIG’s Go!Control panel) and/or post some pictures just to do a visual confirmation of what sensors were used. Since the new back end is brand new and I have had no experience with it (I’d be easily able to compare and contrast with Telgard for example), I’m not sure if there is a variation on the offering. These are the ADC packages we offer, with the different included features listed, but if you have any specific questions about the capabilities of, we’d be happy to address them.

Amanda, with a 2GIG firmware update, won’t the go2.0 panels then work with the back end?

According to Jason and 2GIG it should work… The firmware is cross panel compatible, and will essentially make the go2.0 function like the original…just with a larger screen…

Perhaps you could offer David something for his Go2.0, and test it out…

Compatibility should be fine. I found the boxes the Vivint stuff was packaged in and compared the model #s to the items in your store.

Here’s what I’ve got:

1 x 2.0 Panel
9 x Recessed door sensors: DW20R-345 (yep, we really do have 9 exterior doors)
2 x Smart thermostat: CT100
2 x Smoke/heat detector: SMKT3-345
5 x Glassbreak sensor: GB1-345
1 x Video camera: ADC-V520IR
1 x Kwikset Z-wave deadbolt

Can you confirm that all the peripherals are good to go?

SO wish we could get a hold of one to test. But we’re left making sense of conflicting statements. 2GIG did tell us that it would work with a new ADC module. However, the team at ADC says its a no go.

Since the service would be through ADC, and based on who we spoke with in both buildings, I’m giving ADC’s input more weight. (The “no go” came from multiple sources.) If someone in this situation wanted to test it to be sure, it may be worth the shipping to try a ADC module intended for the first gen Go!Control panel before buying a new panel, but with the information I’ve got I don’t have any confidence it would work. (I would so love to be able to prove it does!)

Your peripherals are good to go.

I’d be happy to ship my panel to you for testing if that would settle things. Let me know.

Well obviously if the 2.0 panel is using ADC cameras, then the ADC back end is there…

David, open up your panel and take pics of the board/modules inside.

Let’s see the cellular module. Also try hittimg the Vivint logo on screen (or settings button) and if it asks for an installer code enter 2203… Take pics of screenshots

Let’s see

I am certain after discussing with ADC engineers that the 2GIG tech response was misleading. They likely mistook the questions I asked to include the compatibility of products between the CNTRL1-345 and CP21-345 model number for the Go!Control panel. They are the same panel, so that shouldn’t have been mistaken, but I will bet it is the case.


The fact it uses ADC IP cameras, means that the 2GIG Go2.0 aka sky panel is using using back end to an extent (I suspect for home automation aspects)

The panel itself also uses a cellular module and wifi, I want to see what the module is, and if the installer code is the same

If the installer code is the same, the panel can be taken over.

I need to just see the module, and the system config screen