Vivint in Canada

I have a vivint system that I am currently not monitoring as it was here when I just moved in. I want to take over the panel so I can add more sensors and monitor myself and for automation. Anyone do this in Canada?

Monitoring it yourself completely (not using a service provider at all) limits the system to mostly a local noisemaker. You could try default codes common to that vendor.

If you have a 2GIG Go!Control panel and not a Sky panel, you can find a DIY dealer who services Canada.

I can get into the toolbox but cannot get into system configuration, says it is not available. I will pay a service provider but don’t want to pay 70 bucks a month.

You can definitely find service under 70. Try using to find a dealer.

How do you get into system config if it says its unavailable

That would definitely mean your programming menu is locked by the installer. A dealer could help you unlock it. You will need to find a dealer.

To get into system config (installer access) on the gocontrol and update panel firmware (free) . You will need a $24 update cable:

Firmware v1.13:

Is the module the cell module? So after a firmware update it will give me access to system configuration?

Yes, and No.

In Canada you will need an unlocked Rogers Module. Even though the panel with 1.13 will support telguard and Uplink providers, and broadband/WiFi , and POTS telephone providers, your panel is locked to

Buy the unlocked/unregistered module, find an ADC dealer/provider that does month2month no contract, cancel anytime. Have them register and activate the module, perform a cell test, if successful, have them remotely reset Q44 to “0”. Panel is now unlocked, and you have config/installer access.

Rogers 3G module (GC3GR-A):

THEN Go into System config, and reset the following Q’s

Change user 8 code from something other than 2580

Q43 (change installer code from 2203)

Optional (enable zwave)

Q79(3) enabled (select (2) if you do not have empower add on and want to control zwave rules/scenes from panel )
Q80(1) enabled switches/lights
Q81(1) enabled thermostats
Q82(1) enabled door locks
Q83(0) F° (select (1) for C° tstat temp display)
Q84(0) services require code (disabled)
Q85(1) master user zwave toolbox access (zwave device install)
Q88(0) zwave siren mode (burglary and fire)
Q89(1) backlight always on option
Q90(2) enabled zwave energy feature/metering

OK, but if it’s a Rogers module will I need to subscribe to Rogers?

Above post was edited. ROGERS is the carrier, is the backend, you find an dealer.

If on the other hand, you can use AT&T, use this module:

Check your current module, and coverage area

If module is GSM3 or GC3GR-V it is Rogers, if GSM1, or GC3GA-V it is AT&T

I apologize for my ignorance, I am new here, so the cellular carrier woulb be the cell provider for cell service required for panel? But the back end is the alarm service provider?

Example the panel is vivint but the cell carrier on mine is likely Rogers?

No. (your provider is vivint through the Rogers network/carrier)

The carrier is whomever you have for service in your area. The cell module MUST be 2GIG

The provider is the dealer that can provide service to you in Canada.

How can I tell for sure my panel is locked?

Open the panel up, look at the model # on the cell module. That will tell you the carrier you most likely need. Buy that cell module unlocked/unregistered, and find an dealer that can service Canada

You can tell panel is locked because you cannot access system config

OK awesome, thanks. Appreciate the help.

Another option is just to replace the panel. Ebay is a good place to get the 2GIG panel new from between $50-$150, you can easily update firmware, and reprogram all the sensors currently on the barebones vivint system, and even self monitor if you so choose and just want a noise maker, or you can go get a broadband internet bridge (Go!Bridge)… you got what, a handful of sensors?

I have several window and door sensors, motion , fire and co. Door lock too. I guess I need an unlocked panel from ebay

The panel with the newest firmware supports POTS (telephone), cellular, and Internet broadband monitoring. You can prob get a new panel monitored for like $8-$15 for security and life safety (fire and CO)

You can set the home automation rules/configuration on the panel for locking/unlocking

POTS - anyone can provide monitoring
Cellular/broadband - Telguard,, Uplink monitoring