Video Doorbell

Any more info on this feature?

Is this a custom device, of if I buy a Skybell HD now can I integrate when this feature is released? I assume one would need to add the video addon to Surety service to use this.

I’ve been asking for one of these forever so this excites me more than you know! :slight_smile:

I would hold off for the time being. I am going to guess it would be a custom firmware variant of the Skybell for use with ADC video, and not just back-end integration of the service like Liftmaster, but I couldn’t say for certain. I’ll get some more info on this.

Alright, so I was able to get some more info on this:

<li>Will require Cloud Video</li>
<li>Counts as a Camera toward your total</li>
<li>Clips count toward total monthly clips</li>
<li>Requires the Skybell HD Edition, and may not have a separate ADC firmware requirement</li>
<li>Two Way Communication through the ADC App</li>

You might be able to use any Skybell HD (only the HD version, specifically), instead of just ones with a specific firmware variant, etc. The feature is anticipated for availability soon. I do not have feature or device pricing, but closer to release we should be able to get you that info.

I am very excited about this one.

Thanks much Jason, very useful. As for device pricing, I do know the Skybell HD is $199, so hopefully it would come it at that same price point.

Presumably :slight_smile:

You never know.

I ordered a SkyBell Video Doorbell HD from Amazon. They are back ordered at the moment.

Does anyone know if there will be a special ADC branded SkyBell - a.k.a. custom firmware like the other cameras?

See attached for the ADC marketing fluff.

Thanks. (533 KB)

I have been told by ADC that there is a branded version in the works that should have proprietary firmware but there is no specific information on what the will entail at this time.

We definitely would like one.

I know I’m excited too! It’s been a feature we have been hoping for, for some time now. As soon as we have more information on the matter we’ll post it in the forum.

So is the consensus is to wait and not buy the Skybell HD at this time? Also, will this work on the Qolsys system?

So is the consensus is to wait and not buy the Skybell HD at this time? Also, will this work on the Qolsys system?

I would personally hold off until installation manual/model number info is available. It’s a newly announced product offering.

It uses ADC cloud video, which is independent of the alarm panel type. It will work regardless of the system you have.

FYI to everyone:

It looks like these are starting to become available. I ordered the Bronze color from an on-line dealer. It is the same price as the regular skybell HD. I will post more information after I receive and install. Very excited about this! I recently had the ring doorbell and didn’t care for it to much so I’m excited about trying this out.

Will you please post a review of this once you install?

Surety team, will you be selling these? Any ETA?

I will discuss with the team. I do not have an ETA yet. They were still in a pre-order status last week with ADC.

Been reading reviews of various wireless door bell systems with video and audio interaction.

I am beginning to think the technology isn’t quite there yet. Lots of reports of lagging video and audio that is inaudible.

Anyone know of a wired (electricuty and ethernet (cat 5 cable) version? Not many people have routers close to their front doors and I think with wifi, you will have issues according to the reviews

I’ll withhold my judgement on how well it works until I get one, but I will say that the Skybell HD has only been available for about a month, and all the reviews I’ve read have been positive (currently 5 stars on Amazon with 14 reviews). I agree that the previous generation of video doorbells have had mixed reviews.

While I am not too worried about WiFi speed at my front door I do agree with Diamond Dog that I would prefer a wired PoE solution since I am going to need to run a wire for power anyway. I understand this situation is somewhat unique as most homes have existing wired doorbells. Additionally, I’m looking at something like this for a driveway gate intercom, and at the end of the driveway there will be no WiFi (but we will be running wires) so a wired solution would be necessary there.

Not all routers are created equal.

The more wireless devices are relied upon, (and the number will only go up), the more important a quality router becomes, as well as smart placement (or additional access points.)

Upload Speed of the connection is more of a critical factor though. 1.5mbps is the minimum requirement stated for the Skybell. Some of the common less expensive ISP packages have about 1.5mbps as the max upload speed.

We will be testing the Skybell through ADC for benchmark expectations.

Anyone know of a wired (electricuty and ethernet (cat 5 cable) version?

I’ve never used one, but maybe this. Or perhaps Aiphone. Most POE models are more business-focused and sold through installers.

Hi all - A couple questions on the Skybell HD:

1- Does it install like any other ADC WiFi camera?
2- Curious if any add’l ‘features/tabs/etc.’ need to be enabled on my account?

I am with another monitoring company (sadly); but still very much a DIY’r. Very interested in giving this new device a try… Just want to ensure I will not have to engage my provider.

Thanks much,

You would need to contact your provider. We could not speak to how it would be implemented with another dealer.

Haven’t set one up yet, (back-ordered currently) but it is an add on to video service.