VDB770 doorbell solid yellow light

My VDB770 doorbell has a solid yellow light and is warm.

I found that the solid yellow light indicates the doorbell is too warm to operate fully operate and is in a cool down mode. Also, chime can be triggered by pushing the button.

How long will it take to cool down?
Why is the chime not working for me?

How did it go to the cool down mode as it happened during night where temperature is around upper 70s, it has been working fine when the outside temperature was around 100 a month back.

Thank you

My VDB770 doorbell has a solid yellow light and is warm.

This indicates the VDB770 is in Cool Down Mode This means the components are getting too warm.

  • The ADC-VDB770 is designed to channel heat away from key components to the backplate. As a result, the backplate may reach higher temperatures than other exterior surfaces.
  • The ADC-VDB770 is rated to operate in temperatures between -22°F (-30°C) and 104°F (40°C). In regions where temperatures are expected be near or above 104°F, avoid installing in direct sunlight.

If the device has entered a high temperature cool-down state (indicated by solid yellow LED), the device will only be able to enter button modes either via USB in a lower ambient temperature environment or by disconnecting power to the doorbell, allowing the device to cool, and moving it to a cooler for 30 minutes or so location before restoring power.

Be sure to let the device cool and take precaution as the device may be hot to the touch.

How long will it take to cool down?

There is no specific amount of time. This may be dependent on ambient temperature or if the doorbell is installed in direct sunlight.

Why is the chime not working for me?

If the device is above the maximum rated ambient temperature (104°F), the internal component temperatures may rise to a level where video doorbell functionality is no longer able to operate. The Chime may not work in this state. You will want to resolve the heating issue first before moving to the chime.

You will also want to check wiring to ensure the device is wired correctly and using the correct transformer.

Thank you. I removed the doorbell for an hour and put it back. The solid green light came, video, doorbell chime all started working fine.

After a few hours it went back to the cool down mode again with solid yellow light.

I also checked the voltage on the doorbell, it’s 22 volts.

Any recommendation, as it keeps going to the cool down mode with temperature below 80?

Overall check wiring to make sure it is connected correctly and that no wires have become loose.

Check the wired connection behend the camera on the backplate. Make sure the wires are connected firmly and are not smashed behind.

Are you using the separate Alarm.com Video Doorbell Wall Power Supply Kit (ADC-VDBA-PSU-PD)? Does not apply

I’m showing this issue intermittently since account set up.

  • What is the existing transformer rated for?
  • Is the VDB770 in direct sunlight?
    • Looks like the issue crops up around 6-7PM typically.

Thanks Tyler.
Wire connection looks good.
Not sure about the transformer rating.
There’s direct sunlight around evening but that’s not the reason. Because I removed the doorbell around 8pm and installed it around 10pm, then it was solid green and video, door chime was working fine. Then this morning it was again at the cool down mode. Can it be a faulty device?

So that we can best assist and rule out issues, we will need to confirm the power source for the doorbell. Can you provide a photo of the doorbell transformer in reply with any model label showing?

Also, as the back plate is designed as a heat sink, if there is any pressure inside from excess bunched up wiring or an otherwise poor connection to the plate, it may not sufficiently disperse the heat.

Can you provide a couple photos of the VDB770, one face on, the other a side profile shot where it is installed?

Please see the pics. Have some knee issues so could not access the transformer which is close to the ceiling but it’s load is 16V and I get 22V when I measure the voltage at doorbell.

The VDB770 is rated for 16-30V, so 22V should be ok, the transformer may be rated for something higher, like 24vac. The chime may not be rated for that much.

The issue is shown in ADC history intermittently around the same time of day (between 5pm and pm, ending withihn the hour in most cases) and has been for some time.

This indicates an environmental issue (sunlight hitting directly at the camera for a prolonged period of time could cause this).

However, if the issue occrued at night after removing the camera from the back plate, it may be hardware related.

A couple things you can try:

  1. Power the VDB770 via the USB plug, located on the back of the unit. While this should be used as a permanent means of powering the device, its good for tested. Allows you to bring it inside in a temperature controlled environment for testing to see if the cool down mode comes on.

  2. Deleting the camera from ADC (Video > Settings > Video Device Info) Factory Resetting the Camera and then re-adding it to the account.

Thank you, Tyler!
It’s functioning fine for now but as soon as it goes to the cool down mode again, I will try the two things you mentioned.

I deleted the doorbell from my account. Then I did a factory reset of the doorbell (alternating red and green). I added the doorbell camera through the app and followed the instructions but keep getting “Installation Failed” error (never goes above 41% ‘video configuration’. Tried multiple times…
This is really frustrating… had a ring doorbell for 4 years, never had any issue. I’m now planning to switch the doorbell, but before that any last diagnostic or anything I should check for?

This is really frustrating… had a ring doorbell for 4 years, never had any issue. I’m now planning to switch the doorbell, but before that any last diagnostic or anything I should check for?

Looks like the device was hung in limbo on the back end. Ive gotten that cleared out and you should be able to retry.

If the Wi-Fi connection is weak at the installation location, this may cause the issue you are seeing (regarding connecting the camera to the account) you can bring the device closer to your router while running on power via USB.

Ultimately, based on the testing/troubleshooing, the device is likely experiencing hardware failure.