Vdb 770 Failure

Hi again, I wanted to know if there was anything surety could do to help me with my doorbell. I purchased it a year and 14 days ago from you when I started to acquire my system. I got an alert saying that the doorbell had an issue and could not connect. I tried troubleshooting but it would not even power cycle (as I held the push button down, the light never changed colors and remained green). It looks like the battery on it is fried; I am attaching pictures here. Did I get a lemon? It was used very sparingly, and it’s in a covered location. I hope I don’t have to buy another one :confused:

This indicates that the internal battery is swollen, the battery is likely causing the doorbell to push away from the backplate in this state, which in turn causes an issue with the connection pins making contact for power.

I dont believe the battery is meant to be replaced but I have reached out to ADC for confirmation and I will follow up here shortly.

Okay, great; Thanks Tyler

Still waiting on addiitonal information at this time. I may not hear back until monday at this point, but as soon as I have additional information, I will follow up.

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I was thinking that same thing, “things always happen to me on Friday” lol

But okay thanks for update, Tyler enjoy your weekend.

Still waiting on additional information at this time but I will follow up as soon as I have it.

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Great thank you; I look forward to it.

What are the next possible steps/options once you hear back from them? I would like to have something up and running as soon as possible for my doorbell cam

Unfortunately, there are no separate batteries available for the VDB770, I am working with ADC to get the unit replaced. I will follow up momentarily via private message to sort out the details.

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