V723/4 and 523 SVR Compatibility

Can you confirm the following camera models are comaptible with the either the newer or older line of CSVRs?


The CSVR Commercial Video Recorder CSVR126 is compatible with the following Alarm.com cameras, including the 523, 723, and 724:

  • ADC-V522IR
  • ADC-V523/523X
  • ADC-V515
  • ADC-V622
  • ADC-V722W
  • ADC-V723/723X
  • ADC-V724/724X
  • ADC-VC725
  • ADC-VC726
  • ADC-VC736
  • ADC-VC825
  • ADC-VC826
  • ADC-VC836
  • ADC-VC827P
  • ADC-VC847PF
  • ADC-VC728PF
  • ADC-VC838PF

The ADC-CSVR2000P/2008P/2016P connects with the following PoE cameras:

  • VC827P
  • VC847PF
  • VC728PF
  • VC838PF
  • VC726
  • VC736
  • VC826
  • VC836
  • V523 (using ethernet)

two follow up questions I forgot to ask:

  1. can the VDB770 be recorded by the CSVR?

  2. What frame rate does the 723/724 and the 523 record at is it 1080p at 30fps?

Also, thanks for the quick response as always!

can the VDB770 be recorded by the CSVR?

No, the VDB770 is not compatible with the CSVR or SVR

What frame rate does the 723/724 and the 523 record at is it 1080p at 30fps?

Alarm.com video devices stream live video with the highest frame rate the network and video device permit.

On a local area network, the maximum FPS may be achieved but can be lower if the available bandwidth is too low, shared by multiple cameras, or shared by multiple simultaneous viewers. Reducing resolution or image quality may increase the FPS when viewing live video from remote connections.

Max FPS for saved video will vary by device, with a range of 1-30 FPS. The V723 and V724 tops out at 10 FPS for saved video. FPS cannot be adjusted for the 523.

Internet speeds, browser performance, and/or bandwidth can affect the quality of the image when viewing from the User Website or App. For best results or to see true image quality, it is suggested to download the clip.

Max resolution for those cameras is 1920 x 1080.

Information on how to adjust frame rate can be found below:

I wasn’t aware of this. Are any of the video door bells compatible with the SVR?

Not at this time.