Use the qs1231-840 PIR to turn on a light?

Hi. I purchase a number of qs1231-840 PIR sensors for my IQ2+. I ordered a zwave light switch. Can I use the PIR to turn on the light via an ADC rule? ADC has the sensor as being monitored, but when I try to create a rule, there is no mention of it to select. Thank you for whatever input you can provide.

Yes, you can. You will see that as an automation option when you have a Z-wave light to trigger. You wouldn’t be able to create an automation rule with a sensor activity trigger because the only devices you have right now (locks) cannot be triggered by sensor activity.

Thank you Jason

This is an FYI for others purchasing the Qolsys QS1231-840 for this original poster’s question/purpose and some other points in general.

I recently also purchased 3 Qolsys QS1231-840’s for this reason but the Qolsys QS1231-840 Motion sensor is CLEARLY NOT optimal for this function/use.

After sensing motion this motion sensor sends a signal to the Panel then goes into a 5 minute countdown and a 4 second time out delay. THEN, if a second motion is detected after the 4 second delay and before the 5 minute countdown, it sends a signal to the Panel but then GOES TO SLEEP for 5 minutes in order to save battery.

  1. So if you have this in a room/space to turn on a light that you might go into and out of a few times (because you need something else or forgot something – e.g. outside garage fridge), this will turn on the light the first time but not again for another 5 minutes. That is annoying.

  2. I don’t find this motion sensor to be very sensitive in comparison to my WIRED Bosch PIR detectors. I can enter a room, move around, wave my arms, and exit without the Qolsys Sensor activating. Of the 3 units I have, not a single one is very sensitive (I can stick my hand around a corner and the Bosch picks it up). That led me to discover #3 below (as I did put two units at the edge of a “shelf” not precisely at 7.5 ft height and the other 1 is on the wall but not precisely at 7.5 ft height)

  3. It is somewhat funny that I’ve seen an ad video and I’ve see an ad picture displaying the Motion Sensor on a shelf and the video shows turning on a light given my experience in #1 and #2 above.

BECAUSE, it turns out the Instructions say DO NOT: Set the sensor on a shelf. DO NOT: Mount at any other height than 7.5 ft. However, this limits placement of the Motion Sensor and may not be optimal in where you want the motion sensor to be aimed at to sense motion to turn on a light or avoid putting holes in the walls. (See page 1 on the bottom right).
And the Qoslys webpage then incorrectly even says “Pet immune up to 40 pounds, the IQ Motion-S is designed to mount on a flat surface or in a corner.” IQ MOTION-S – QOLSYS

  1. There is no option to turn off the Pet Friendly setting in case that could possibly increase the motion sensor sensitivity.

Thus, if you are planning on purchasing the Qolsys QS1231-840 to use as a motion detector for turning on/off devices (especially more than once in a 5 minute period), I would recommend AGAINST this Motion Sensor.

Similar to this poster, Qolsys Panel 2 Plus with DSC PG9904P?, I agree this Motion Sensor leaves A LOT to be desired. (I had one unit set off the Alarm while I was out. I disarmed the system from my phone, rearmed it, and then 5 minutes later it “sensed motion” and again set off the Alarm. This was in a hallway with NO motion, no vent, etc. I have since switched the setting option for all of these to Qolsys Security Sensor “25 - Safety Motion” setting so it doesn’t set off the Alarm when I may NOT have my phone with me to receive notification and to be able to disarm the Panel).

The above is just commentary on the Qolsys QS1231-840 motion sensor.

I am VERY happy with the Qolsys IQ Panel 4.

Thanks for the info; do you, or anyone, have a suggestion for a wireless motion sensor solely for the purpose of turning on a light (my specific use cases, bathroom and garage). I have an IQ4 panel.


Any wireless alarm motion detector will have a delay period after sensing motion. This is a power save feature in all battery operated detectors.

If you do not intend for the motion detector to be used for alarm purposes in any way I would probably personally use bulbs or switches with built in motion detection for something like bathrooms or garage.

I have noted what Jason had just mentioned since doing more research after my post.

It appears Battery operated Motion Detectors do NOT work
optimally for high traffic areas or repeatedly entered areas because, of the Battery operated motion sensors I researched, they appear to go into about a 5 minute SLEEP mode to conserve battery after a 2nd “trigger” under 5 minutes.

Thank you both. I could probably get a wire to where I’d like this motion; forgive my ignorance, are there hard-wired inputs/outputs on the IQ4? If so, any recommendations for a hard-wired motion snesor?

There is no wired terminal block on the IQ Panel 4, no hardwire zone inputs.

A wired motion detector would need to use a wireless translator or a wireless sensor with a wired input to act a a transmitter. Something like the IQ Extended S-Line Door/Window

If you are trying to automate something controlled by the panel like a Z-wave light, I think this might get you closer to what is desired, but if it is intended to light a room based on real time occupancy with no filters like date/time or alarm status, a motion activated switch or bulb with built in PIR may be better.