Unable to Sync 2gig withh Alarm.com

My alarm was unplugged late this past week and the battery died. Since then, the alarm was replugged in, but it won’t sync up with alarm.com

When I go to radio status, and click cell phone test, it fails every time.

I have followed the instructions on the forums, and have disconnected the power and battery, and I’ve reseated the cdma/GSM module, but it still won’t connect.

Could you provide any guidance to fix my panel?

Thank you

What cell do you have and what is the signal strength? ?/31, CDMA 3G Verizon or GSM 2G? Is the module registered/active?

Screenshots would be ideal

Is there any chance the antenna was unplugged from the cell module and hasn’t been plugged back in?

When I took out the cellular module, I unplugged the antenna, and replugged it back in.

I’m uncertain which modem type is installed–I believe that it’s Verizon, but when I view the information for the cellular signal, it doesn’t have a subscriber Id.

Any ideas?

What is the signal strength out of 31?

Ranges between 17 and 25—this is what it’s been since I set it up several months ago. Bringing it upstairs to gain a better signal doesn’t fix the issue. (I left it upstairs near a window last night with a good signal)


Anywhere between 17-25 is good for signalling. Did you happen to add any devices to the home at that time? Cell network extender?

Do you currently have the battery plugged in? Have you tried powering down the panel, unplugging the battery completely, then plugging in AC?

No new devices were added when it lost its single. However, over the weekend I added a significant number of new zwave devices to the panel.

I just unplugged the AC adapter, disconnected the battery (and left battery unplugged), and plugged back in the AC adapter.

It would be very strange if the solves the issue, but I will know in a few minutes…

Any other suggestions?

It would definitely be strange, but I have seen damaged batteries cause multiple power related problems in the past. A bit of a hail mary. Was the panel unplugged for any specific reason? Or was this an accident? Clearly communication failure should not be a result of the system losing and regaining power. Is there any visible damage to the module/antenna port? Check to make sure the port has not pulled away from the board.

You need to provide more info. Screenshots are very handy for troubleshooting.

Cell module must have active ADC service plan through your dealer/provider

  1. What cell module do you have? 2G GSM or 3G HSPA/CDMA?
  2. What is the registration, and connection status of the module as shown on panel (connected, registered, unregistered, blocked, roaming)?
  3. what antenna do you have on it (in the panel, or in the wall)?
  4. Have you contacted your dealer via email and asked them to check it out via backend?

Antenna type (left is 3G “in the wall”, right is old 2G “in the panel”):

Antenna is in the panel. It’s the antenna to the left. Isn’t my dealer suretycam?

The AC adapter was connected to a control strip that I unplugged because I wanted a NAS drive disconnected, but forgot that the alarm was on the same strip.

When attempting the cell test, it says phone over radio modem times out…please try again later.

The registration status keeps flipping between unknown and registered.

I was trying to upload two other photos, but they exceed the maximum upload size…

We have already looked into communication and see no signalling since 8/21/2015. Checking if there are any known issues regarding this with ADC.

Antenna is in the panel. It’s the antenna to the left

That antenna should not be inside panel, try running the antenna behind the panel, and in the wall.

The error message, says your cell module is no longer registered. You cannot connect to alarm.com with an unregistered cellular module

If the module is in fact registered… then properly install the antenna. Module may have become damaged, and may need replacement.

This could also be an issue with the cell towers in your area. I have personally experienced it with Tmobile, and have seen others experience it with Verizon. If you are in the coverage area of AT&T, then you may want to consider replacing your module with a 3G HSPA AT&T (GC3GA-A).

It is awfully coincidental if a separate issue regarding communication should happen to occur just as you have the power issue with the panel, but that is entirely possible.

However, signalling prior to the power loss looks to be very solid. The carrier tower may in fact be a culprit, but I do not evidence pointing to issues in general.

I am only seeing a couple successful signals shortly after the power loss. How long was your panel running on battery before it died?

If you power down and remove the module, do you see any scorch marks on the module or board nearby the plug?

I would recommend powering down completely, leave your panel powered off for 3-5 minutes. Re-seat the module. Make sure the set screws are holding it in place. Then power back up. Wait a minute, then run a cell test.

I’ll do that right now. the battery lasts for more than 6 minutes, which is about the time from being unplugged to the last communication. I’ll also move the alarm upstairs to a window to see if that helps…

It doesn’t appear to work after reseating the card. I waited about 5-8 minutes after disconnecting it, before providing it with any power.

I’ve moved it upstairs near a window, and the registration status still flips between unknown and registered

It’s like it can’t maintain an extended connection long even to sync/update even the time on the panel.

Additional photo attached.

3G CDMA Verizon module signal is excellent. Relocating panel will have no affect. Either a tower issue or module issue.

If I were to hazzard a guess, I would say it is a tower issue, you may be without connection to Verizon for another hour, another day, another month, etc.

I suggest you consider replacing the module with the AT&T GC3GA-A module as suggested above (if available in your area. You can check it here: http://suretydiy.com/alarm-com-cellular-coverage-check/)