Unable to reconnect WIFI cameras

I switched internet service providers last year and have not been able to reconnect 2 of my wifi cameras. I have gone through all the steps using WPS and ethernet connection but with no success. When using the WPS, the camera will cycle to steady green light but a message pops up to contact support. Any suggestions will help.


We offer instructions on how to reconnect a camera to the network after a router change on our Support Forum at this link.

If those steps fail, it is suggested to power down your device, remove it from your Alarm.com account, complete a factory reset of the camera, then connect the device using the normal procedures.

Hold Reset button until LED rapidly flashes red and green, which usually happened after 15 seconds. Same as the WPS button, which is on the back of the camera.

Press and hold the Reset button until the LED alternates flashing red and green, which usually happens after 10-15 seconds. The Reset button can be found on the back of the camera.

Please let me know if you continue to have troubles or have questions about anything else.