Unable to download a clip from SVR

For some reason, I keep getting an error when I try to download a clip on a selected timeline from the SVR (ADC-CSVR126, 16CH, 2TB)

There are options of downloading 1-minute and up to 5-minute clips. I am able to download 1 and 2-minute clips, but failed attempts on 3-5 minutes clips.

My work around is to use Quicktime to do a screen recording but I loose the original quality of the video.

Please help – there have been car robberies in my neighborhood the other night and I need to grab clips to be able to share them with the authorities.

If the feature times out when requesting 3-5 minutes, Alarm.com recommends download in smaller increments. I am looking for a workaround for this.

If using the CSVR126 you can also export video direcly from the CSVR126 interface.

Are you downloading the file directly to your computer from the ADC interface?
Is this on one camera specifically (if so which one) or all cameras?

Thanks for the reply Tyler. I was using the Surety/Alarm.com interface to download the clip to my computer. I’ve tried it all in all cameras.

ADC suggests that the file size may be too large or the connection is too slow for those longer videos.

To confirm, are you able to download multiple, smaller videos? (instead of one 4-minute clip, grab two, 2-minute clips).

I have a feeling it’s not the internet connection but it’s rather the file size, but I’m not sure why. I on a gigabit speed which falls on ~600-800mpbs. If I can download 1 or 2 minute clips, I should be able to do download the other intervals. Plus a 2-minute clip is only ~100mb. I’m not trying to download a Spiderman movie. I was wondering if it’s a bug with the 3-5 minute intervals – like maybe the download request is timing out for some reason. :man_shrugging:

Also, I can download multiple 2-minute videos but it’s kinda annoying.

Its possible that it is a bug, but I am unable to confirm that. There is no information on ADCs end that suggests its a known issue. Ill follow up here if I am able to confirm that it is a bug.