Turning Down Motion Sensitivity on ADC doorbell

I can not figure out how to turn down the motion sensitivity on the ADC doorbell. I can not see it in the ADC app menu or website menu.

Can you please guide me?

The ADC VDB770 uses video analytics and calibration. You can adjust the analytics rule, the ground zone and/or trip wires, to fine tune what is captured.

when I go to Video settings, I only get two options

Recording Rules
Add Video Device

thats it

When I first setup the camera there was a slidebar to adjust sensitivity. Also to mask out the area you wanted motion to detect.

I can no longer find those options

Yes, these are described in the instructions I linked and are found by editing the Object Detection rule.

Click Recording Rules, edit the VDB770 object detection rule.

Ok, just to simplify this for other people as the link provided a lot of information that I feel was irrelevant and confusing:

Go to Doorbell Camera in the ADC app on the left hand side

Click on settings (gear on top right)

Click on Pause/Resume recording Rules

Click on “Configure” " (My mistake is I thought this said “Continue” and this is a reminder for me to wear my glasses more)

The link is general to Video Analytics Rules, so things like height and angle wouldn’t apply, but I recommend it to encourage understanding aspects of the video analytics rules and how it is different than VMD, and why changing sensitivity alone may not resolve the issue, depending on what problem you are experiencing.

Generally speaking I would recommend using the website when configuring ground zones and trip wires vs the app.

It is possible on the app, but I find myself wanting more precise control of the corners.

Point taken and appreciated and I will dig into this.

When I go to video device and select the doorbell camera, there is no video analytics to select. I just have video device info, live vide, video device image, saved vide, wireless network, , and stream video to security panel screen

I am trying to get it to stop notifying me when it itendties people walking in the street

On the website you wouldn’t look under settings. All the settings for the analytics are found within the rule.

Go to Recording Rules > Edit pencil, then you can adjust the sensitivity slider and the ground zone.

Make sure the ground zone is just the ground where people you want to detect would be walking, and sometimes keeping it a bit farther away from the zone you want to avoid, basically cutting off a little of the top of the ground zone, will help eliminate more unwanted captures from stuff in the distance.

Got it.

just to be clear thoug, i am trying to avoid the alerts to my panel and phone for those people, not just the recording of the clips. Will your instructions accomplish this?

Yes. Notifications will only happen based on recordings, and only those that you identify (Just people, just animals, people and vehicles, etc.) based on your recording rule.

If you are capturing and getting notified about activity you do not need, you’ll need to adjust the rule to filter out that activity. It may need sensitivity adjustment, or it may need adjustment to the ground zone.

Just to clarify, If I want to capture people, and animals but no cars for example, I have to delete the camera (not just the rule) and start over so that those analytic options show as they do not currently show for just editing.

By default, they capture people, animals, cars, correct?

The camera captures and records all of those things.

You select within the rule which of those you want to be notified of.

Im sorry I am not getting this.

Where in the rule can you select or deselect which things will notify. For example, can you walk me thorugh how to deselect cars as an example

Ah, apologies, yeah you actually can’t edit the notification trigger on the ADC VDB770, specifically. To clarify, the analytics notifications are sent only on detection of a person for the doorbell.

Other analytics capable cams let you select to be notified on people, animal, vehicle, or other. ADC chose to just limit the notifications on the doorbell.