TSSC Panel from ADT - Fire Trouble Error

I changed my batteries in my smoke alarm without putting it in test mode. Oops. I tried clearing it, bypassing it, taking the batteries back out while in test mode, nothing works. Any suggestions? Oh by the way my contract expired from ADT a few months ago and they are no help. I want to get a different system with better video abilities and home automation if possible as well. Thanks.

Happy to help!

I couldn’t say for certain as we don’t work with the TSSC system but a lot of times, when replacing batteries in a smoke detector, the batteries need to be removed from the unit for a couple minutes before adding the fresh batteries in.

I did find this guide here but it may not be the same smoke detector as yours.

If you are looking for a new system through Surety, we are an Alarm.com service provider. The TSSC panel is not compatible but the sensors might be.

Do you know the model number of the wireless sensors? I’m not sure if they can be used with another system but if they can that might be easier then having to replace everything.

We recommend the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ which offers 4G LTE cellular communication module, Wi-Fi, DSC PowerG radio for encyrpted wireless sensors and a Z-Wave Plus radio for home automation. You can stream various cameras to the panel as well, more on that here.

I believe that panel uses 345 Honeywell sensors