Trouble with IQ2 Panels

Master bedroom IQ2 panel is dead. All other IQ2 panels won’t arm alarm system, because they say wrong passcode entered. Pass codes work perfectly on main panel though.

Looking at the account, it appears that the IQ2 panels listed are showing 1.4 firmware. The Primary IQ panel shows 1.5.3.

Firmware versions must match for functionality. The IQ2 keypads would need to be upgraded to 1.5.

Try the following steps in order to manually update the IQ2 keypads:

1- From the IQ Panel touch “Settings”
2- Enter a valid installer code (default is 1111)
3- Touch “Installation”
4- Touch “Upgrade Software”
5- Touch “Patch Tag” and enter the patch iq215 then touch Done, then OK
6- Touch “IQ2 Panel Upgrade Using Network” and the update will download
7- Press OK when prompted to send the update over the WI-FI network to any IQ2’s that are paired with the panel.
8- Follow the on screen prompts on the IQ2 to accept and install the 1.5 update. Once installed the the IQ2 will relaunch the software. Verify that it has been successfully updated by going to Apps>About. The Software Version should read: IQ2 - 1.5

Now, for the one you report as dead, do you mean it will not power on? Does it power on but controls do not work?

The master bedroom IQ2 is completely dead, won’t turn on.
As it turns out, I spoke to support and put me on a 3 way call with Qolsys. My main panel has upgraded to software 1.5, and it so happens my 3 IQ2 panels were RC non upgradable versions with 1.4 software and require replacement. They told me to give you the ticket numbers.
Ticket 1009743
Ticket Qolsys 05230491

Yep, there are early versions of the IQ2 which cannot be field upgraded past 1.4. I’ll shoot this over to our customer service team. They’ll send you an email with instructions.

I have received all three iq2 panels back and were upgraded, but now the master bed IQ2 shows failure on master panel. Have cleared master panel, only to get same message within 24 hours, again and again. Other IQ2’s are fine. All panels revisions are 1.5.3 now. I also need help upgrading main panel to 1.6.2. Can’t get it to upgrade.

This post goes over how to update IQ2s to 1.6 after updating main panel to 1.6.2. I am including the steps below including the patch tags:

  1. Update main panel to 1.6.2 using the patch tag “systest162”
  2. Do two master resets on IQ2(s) back-to-back
  3. Re-connect IQ2(s) to Wifi and STAY ON WIFI CONNECT SCREEN (black background)
  4. Grab IP address by clicking network name
  5. Add IQ2(s) to main panel by using IP address
  6. Navigate to patch tag option, enter “iq216” and select IQ2 Panel Upgrade Using Network
  7. Allow patch to download and press OK when done
  8. Keep an eye but DO NOT TOUCH IQ2 SCREEN for up to 10 MINUTES

Does this work for you and resolve the issue?

The main panel won’t upgrade to 1.6.2. It keeps giving error control file not found.

This post updates the 1.6.2 firmware concern. It is not available currently for systems with an IQ2 as 1.6 has been pulled for improvement.