Tips for Camera Settings

Hi -

I recently added the ADC-723 outdoor camera to my system. I installed it on the front side of the house to give me a full view of the driveway / front yard. I wanted something to expand the view of my doorbell camera.

The picture is amazing - compared to the 721 I have on the back of the house.

Question: I continue to struggle with finding the “best” settings for motion detection. I’d like the camera to auto record when someone (on foot or in a vehicle) comes into the driveway. I can’t seem to get the settings adjusted just right. When I have it sensitive enough to capture people / cars, it records almost every moving bug and/or tree! I have played with the image size… still can’t get it. I had over 400 alerts this morning due to the rain last night. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any advice or tips?


Outdoor VMD definitely has some limitations with regard to filtering false alarms. Environmental effects are pretty hard to filter, but there are some best practices to try to avoid it.

In general the best way to set up motion detection windows is to set up long narrow windows sort of like trip-wires, and set the target size to a reasonably high value for what you are trying to catch. The higher the target size, the better it should filter other effects.

See this thread for a detailed step by step showing best practices!