Thermostat Schedules Totally Wonky

Is it just a matter of having them connected to power as they are now when re-adding them?

Yep. Whether or not they function as a repeating node or operate in power save mode depends only on how they are powered when learned in.

If learned in while on battery only, they will be in power save mode even if AC is applied later. If they are learned in while powered via AC, they will act as repeaters and usually have fewer signaling issues (may not apply here, but still recommended).

Actually I’m 100% certain they were learned in on power because this was done when I replaced the panel a while back. I most definitely didn’t gather them all from around the house into a pile to learn them in but rather ran back and forth up and down just as when I re-added all the sensors etc.

I can tell you that is how they work, all Z-wave thermostats function that way. When paired, they did not have AC power, at least report that way.

After relearning them, let us know and we can verify.

You can also test to make sure they are actually getting AC power now by pulling the batteries and seeing if it still functions. Sometimes C wires are not connected at the HVAC side if the original installer used battery only thermostats.

Originals had no batteries. I still have them in a box.

Anyway, I’ll work on relearning and reprogramming all this stuff. It’s getting hot out this way and having them malfunctioning isn’t acceptable.

Well this keeps getting better. I reset all three thermostats, and then attempted to clear them from the system according to your instructions up there^.

Initially it says “device cleared from the network successfully” and a few seconds later I get “clear operation cancelled.” I didn’t touch anything else, it just happens on its own, and the thermostats are still showing in the device list on the website.

Now what?

Are you following all the steps below? The remove device steps are the first section here:

Do this locally on the panel. Just to rule out everything else, do not trigger Z-wave removal/addition in ADC.

Yes I cleared them from the panel just now (I was trying from the website earlier) but they’re still there on the panel.

I keep getting alerts for malfunctions and that the thermostats are offline, and they’re still in the device list on the panel.

They’ve been reset now too but I can’t clean them out of the devices for some reason.

Something new. I deleted them using the “delete failed device” widget.

Now though one of my Zwave light switches has lost its mind and now reports no neighbor info even after trying to do a network rediscovery. This switch is next to two others that are working on the same wall and two feet from the panel itself. It’s not a signal strength issue.

Ok well deleted that thing and re-added it. Also added back the thermostats. I did a network rediscovery too.

All three thermostats are warning of critical battery levels because…I took them out.

Please tell me that they’re not reporting on battery any longer and I’ll go reprogram everything and my automations etc.

Ok well deleted that thing and re-added it. Also added back the thermostats. I did a network rediscovery too.

Great, all three show as learned in on AC power and an install date of today. You should be good to set up schedules.

Thanks Jason.

I’ll do that and watch what happens over the weekend. Hopefully it all “works as designed” after all this :smile:

Well everything was good until it wasn’t.

This afternoon I check the downstairs thermostat and see the temp is set for a value that doesn’t exist at any point in my schedule and certainly doesn’t match the value that it should be at 1:31 pm local time.

I do have a sensor left open rule that kicked in this morning but I also see the “restoral” log item which should just return things back to the normal schedule.

So now what?

Can definitely confirm that the sensor left open rules are only working one way, when the sensor is left open, and do not restore the normal schedule when the sensor is closed despite the activity log showing the “restoral” trigger firing.

Can definitely confirm that the sensor left open rules are only working one way, when the sensor is left open, and do not restore the normal schedule when the sensor is closed despite the activity log showing the “restoral” trigger firing

Delete and recreate those left open rules. Still an issue?

Just so I can look back and verify, what was the temperature the downstairs stat was set to?


The night time cool setting should be 78 and then the normal home setting should be 79. The away setting should be 81.

There were two sensor left open events this morning for the downstairs thermostat. One of them recovered as it should, the second one did not and caused the thermostat to be set too high and I manually had to change it back to what it should.

See attached:

That does seem to be the issue. Looking at your history I see the panel reports that the thermostat left open rule resolved the first time, but for the second left open event for the Front Door sensor, the restoral shows in ADC history as a standard sensor left open restoral. Not the thermostat rule.

First try deleting the left open overrides. Wait 10 minutes. Recreate them and save.

Either the rule seems to have a bug which is causing the failure or the panel Z-wave has an issue. All the Z-wave devices show as having good link quality and the thermostats are not in power save mode anymore so there should be no issue with signaling.

Jason, I don’t see a way to delete those rules. I can deactivate them or alter them but they’re built in rules that don’t show me a delete option that I can see. I toggled them to off and will wait a bit and then toggle them again. Short of that I’m not seeing anything else I can do with them.

Jason, I followed your suggestion from the other thread talking about sensor left open rules and thermostats.

I turned off all the sensor left open rules. I modified them as well. I let everything sit for about 45 mins then recreated those rules again. That was probably around 4 PM here, so plenty of time for them to propagate back down to the panel and thermostats.

At 6 PM, the downstairs thermostat is supposed to go from 81 to 79. Instead, it went to 82 degrees. This wasn’t due to a sensor left open, as that hasn’t happened since I recreated the rules, but this is exactly the behavior I’ve been seeing. It seems that the sensor left open rule not firing right is a symptom of a greater issue relating to thermostats and scheduling as I’m seeing these malfunctions in both scenarios.

As you said, and I looked as well, the Zwave network is reporting all connections as healthy and strong. Something else is going on here.

See attached for the rule and the log notification I got.

Same thing at 10 PM for the next scheduled change for the downstairs thermostat. The temp went to 81 instead of 78. The schedule is completely out the window at this point; temperature changes are happening at the scheduled times, but the temp is being set wrong. In both of these instances I had to set the desired temp either using the app or the website.

Thank you for the follow ups and additional details on testing. I am forwarding all of these details to and opened up a ticket with them to investigate.

I am assuming this is not the case, but just to confirm 100%, no one else at the home may have physically changed the thermostat at those times? A manual adjustment would override that section of the schedule.