Thermostat delayed temperature update

I have a T40K thermostat that is not promptly recognizing when ambient temperature has changed. Specifically, when the stat calls for heat, it will keep running well past set point temp, resulting in the room being uncomfortably warm. So far, I’ve been around to catch this and manually lower the set point to stop the heating, after which point it seems to update the temp and accurately show that it has run past the set point. Anything I should try to troubleshoot or is this a defective unit?

So that we can best assist, what is the name of the thermostat causing the trouble? It looks like there may be a few T40Ks.

Are you using temperature sensors to average the current temp? Does this happen during both schedules and when the thermostat target is manually set?

West Wing Thermostat is the troublemaker.

I’ve only noticed the issue during schedules, and without using sensors to average temps. This accounts for 80% of my use cases.

It has a 1 degree overshoot value, but I assume you mean it goes well beyond that, right? How far past the set point is it running?

Can you provide a rough time or date when you last noticed this so we can check history?

I would try deleting that thermostat from the panel, then factory resetting that thermostat at this time and relearning it into the panel as a z-wave device.

To reset:

  1. Tap the menu icon on the display.
  2. Tap Installer Settings.
  3. In Installer Settings, tap OK.
  4. Tap Reset to Default.
  5. In Confirm Action, tap OK.
  6. The display will cycle through and show a confirmation message when the reset is complete.

It just happened again right now. Set point was 70 and it ran up to 75 before cycling off.

The highest I’ve seen is it run up to is 77 versus a 70 set point.

I will wait to reset in case you discover anything.

One thing I just noticed is the app showed the 75 temp first. It took the stat several minutes longer to update, at which point it shut off.

Stat is calling for heat again. Stat is showing 69 temp while app shows 73. Set point is 70. Based on how it feels, I believe the app. No way it’s 69 in here.

And approximately 2 minutes later, stat cycles off and shows 73. Obviously the temp did not go up 4 degrees in such a short period of time. Something is wrong with this stat.

Yeah, please factory reset that thermostat.

After removing it, factory resetting it, then adding it again, does the temperature readings function as expected?

Ok, I’ve now had the same problem occur on another one, Upstairs Thermostat. I’ve since reset and re-learned both devices. They are not showing properly in the app. Are you able to refresh the thermostat device list for me so I can see those?

I’ve run a check for new equipment and a link quality test on your Z-wave devices.

Let me know if you see any difference. I would recommend running a network rediscovery at your panel however, a lot of devices just reported a poor link quality and it may help to remap routes with a rediscovery.

Thank you, I am seeing the thermostats now. I removed and relocated a few z-wave repeaters and light switches around today, which is probably why you’re seeing poor link quality. Working to get everything back in order.

I have run rediscovery after moving things around. Based on my past experience, it sometimes takes the network a day or so to kind of settle down and figure out the best routes for everything even after running rediscovery. I dunno, that may not make a lot of sense in theory, but it does seem to be the case in practice.

I’ll be monitoring these thermostats over the weekend. Have to admit, I’m a bit discouraged that two of these new stats that have ignored setpoint. There is a total of five of these in my house.

After over a week, the reset appears to have resolved the issue on both stats. Hopefully this was a one time issue. Thanks as always for your help.