T3000 Thermostat Not Always Following Schedule

I have two T3000 thermostats in my home but the upstairs thermostat lately hasn’t been following the schedule setup on A.com. If I pull down on the screen screen in the A.com app that controls that Tstat it doesn’t push the schedule to the Tstat. If I turn the Tstat off via the app, then turn it back on via the app, then it accepts the schedule. Of course the whole idea is to have the settings change automatically according to the schedule. Any tricks or suggestions?


First update the panel to eliminate any known issues and take advantage of enhancements that have been implemented. You can find a guide for your panel at this link.

After this has been completed, power cycle the panel and check if the schedule is adhering to the next interval temperature.

Failing this, you may need to factory reset the thermostat after removing it from the account.

Please let me know if you see any successful results after the power cycle or if you continue to have trouble, I am here to help!