Swapping new 2gig SMKt8 for a SMKt2 on the Panel

Is it easier to delete the old detector and install new, or can i go in and change the existing t2 which is EOL and has loss of supervision- no matter what.
do you have a video to describe?

You can edit the existing zone or you can delete the zone and add a new one, either is fine, however the SMKT8 supports multiple zones, with heat and freeze functions.

Programming steps are found at the page below:

Thanks. So each sensor needs to be entered separately? My current SMKt2 has only a single entry I believe. In your experience, is there a reason to set up the freeze in an occupied residence?

Yes, the smoke, heat, and freeze functions are added as separate zones.

Freeze is often used to monitor in the case of HVAC failure. It is not necessary to include it if you do not wish to.