SVR122 replacement

What is the latest SVR to replace the SVR122? I an looking to add a new SVR to my current setup? On the website it says the SVR122 is discontinued.

For residential users ADC is moving away from the SVR as a recording option and instead focusing on Onboard SD card storage. This is a lower cost option for most users.

Users with the Complete or Protect plans can select in our system manager page whether they want SVR support or support for SD card recording on all compatible cameras.

They still offer the commercial focused SVR, the ADC-CSVR126 or ADC-CSVR2000P line.

Does the 2GIG Edge support the SD card usage to replace an SVR?

Onboard SD card storage is not impacted by panel type.

This is referencing SD card storage onboard the camera, not the alarm panel. A guide can be found below.

Thank you Jason. I can add to 2 of my cameras. I will need to update the other cameras.