Surety Alarm keeps changing to Surety Home when I add the conversion and cable kit

What do I need to do to buy the 2Gig Surety Conversion kit and Surety Alarm plan only.

I can add Alarm plan to the cart, but when I add the kit, it changes me to Home plan.

If I want to buy just the conversion kit, it always adds the Home plan to the cart.

I can buy the Alarm plan only, but I still need the conversion kit so I add it, and then it changes me to the Home plan.

What am I missing?

Getting started kits come with a free month of Surety Home. It gets included with the kit automatically. Surety service plans are all month to month though, so you can downgrade the service plan at any time after connecting the alarm panel to our service.

After connecting the panel you have access to edit your service plan and enabled features 24/7 in the Surety System Manager.

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Super helpful.

Order placed.

Just upgrade and doing the setup.

Step 2 asks for my IMEI module number with

Should I enter the new IMEI number from Surety or the original one being used now.

Also should I be doing this step with the new IMEI module installed or the original one?

If you are activating service with us you would need to enter the new IMEI number which will be used with your system with Surety.

It doesn’t necessarily matter if you have the new module installed to submit the form which creates your new account, but the very next step will require the new module to be installed so that you can send a communication test and connect your system to your new account. So you may as well install it prior.

Awesome, thanks. I will install then do this step so comm can go ahead.

Another question, what if I already have an account. Can that same account be used instead of creating a new one?

A transfer option does exist which would transfer your existing service to us, but it requires your existing service provider to agree and initiate the transfer. For more info read this page.

You should not fill out the form in step 2 of activation if you are planning on trying to transfer your existing account, as this will create a new account instead.

Alright, thanks.

Just wrote to team about that transfer PIN.

Either way I leave ADT today.

Hmm, I don’t recall ADT using or supporting the 2GIG GC2. Can you confirm the panel type you have?

ADT uses for the underlying software platform for their new Command service, but that is with a specific panel proprietary to ADT.

I don’t think you would be able to transfer from ADT.


I called them and they said no to the transfer, and I get it, why help me get away from them.
Still lousy customer experience.

It’s definitely a 2Gig GC2 panel.

I’ve upgraded tot he Surety 4G module and also upgraded the firmware to the latest.

Question: What If I try to use the already existing email address to register this new account? I’m OK with it overwriting the previous one, but I suspect that won’t happen.

When creating the new account through Surety, you can use whatever email address you want.

The username is unique however, so if you use “Username1234” and that username is already registered to an existing account, you will be prompted to choose a different one.

You will not be able to use the username related to your existing ADC account, if that account is still active. However, you can switch to it at a later date should the old account be deleted.

Well that was ridiculously easy.

What the right way to test an alarm situation like unauthorized entry without having the cops called?

This guide should help. Let us know if you have any additional questions about it.