Sump Pump Solution

I have a normal contact sensor now with plunger wire to it but it start faulting again Is there a specific sensor I can use with some kind of water sensor that it will trigger alar as soo water contact it. No delays. or a better plunger solution ?

you may have already seen this, but just in case:

Xeon, this is more for controlling I need detection more than controlling. Thank you

actually, this setup monitors and you can’t really control anything with it. It can tell you if you sump pump has malfunctioned and if the water level get to high, all through your account. Is this what you are looking for? You’ll need to put a water sensor in your sump pump basin, and you’ll need a Aeotec Heavy Duty smart switch. Every time your sump turns on, it will tell you its on and let you know if the water level is high, 24/7, etc.

@xeon so I read more about it. You also need a sensor that is not included with the switch. I don’t really care to know if I get notification that pump is on or not. I look more to know if water level is not too high. Because if it is then pump is not running. Im currently using wireless door contactor with a plunger switch wire to the wired loop and it works pretty good but was wondering if there is better solution out there.

Details on Sump Pump monitoring can be found here.

Yeah you would want a flood sensor compatible with your panel. Using a float switch with a wireless contact with input terminals is a good solution, or a dedicated flood sensor for your panel like the IQ Flood or the 2GIG FT1 depending on your radio type.

@jwcsurety Thank you