Suggestion - Yard Signs/Stickers

I think Suretydiy is great, but one suggestion–can you “amp up” the yard signs and stickers? They don’t seem very scary to a would-be burglar. Language like “warning” and the like would be so much better. It would also be great to have one that says “monitored” for those of us subscribed to 24/7 central station monitoring.

We are always happy to take suggestions for any improvement. I’ll send this to our customer service team.

Coming off a Vivint contract,learning about and changing to Suretydiy has been a very smooth experience and we are very glad to have your products And services. But as trivial as it may sound please change your yard sign to something a little stronger on the security side of things. In my opinion they stress DIY not monitored security.

Has there been any headway made regarding your signage? I switched to your services almost a year and a half ago, when I left my job at a security company. But in my opinion “DIY” screams “break into this house!” So I still have yard signs and stickers from my old provider/employer. I think your service is infinitely better than theirs, so I would really like to stop promoting their company, and start promoting yours. But I just can’t bring myself to buy a sign/sticker that says “DIY” so prominently. Is it possible to at least get “SuretyCAM” signs and stickers these days?

Thank you.

Thank you for reaching out. I’m glad to hear you enjoy our service! We take all user suggestions, and we’re happy to report back here if changes are implemented. At the current time, all signs are as shown on the website.

I just stumbled upon this thread, but felt I should add my agreement to it. I ended up using stickers from where I bought my equipment because I thought they looked more professional. Burglars might not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but most people these days know what DIY means, and they’re going to think Radio Shack; they’re not going to think it has anything to do with a professionally monitored system.

I have to agree with all that is said above. I love the customer service and my SuretyDIY alarm system, but the yard signs are a sore spot for me. I do have the yard sign set up and don’t think about it much now, but when I first installed it I was a bit embarrassed.

Even just removing the DIY part would be fine with me. Something like SuretyAlarm. You could still add the full SuretyDIY in smaller lettering if you still want the advertisement for your company.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I agree 100% with the other comments that the signs and stickers need to be stepped up.

I already had apprehension about using them because of the DIY, but the final straw for me was when my wife asked, “Will the DIY signs make us a target?”

That hit home with me because the majority of homes in my neighborhood do have security systems with better signage. Then there’s also the “happy wife, happy life” factor.

So now, I’m going to be replacing all of your signage with that from another company, and you guys lose out on the free advertising.

This is not a small issue. Please give it the attention it deserves. Thank you.

We do take your requests into serious consideration, and I believe changes are indeed being discussed. We aren’t the ultimate deciders here on the support forum, but we will of course update here with any future changes.

Great, greatly appreciate the color and thanks as always.

In my opinion they stress DIY not monitored security
But I just can’t bring myself to buy a sign/sticker that says “DIY” so prominently. Is it possible to at least get “SuretyCAM” signs and stickers these days?

I wasn’t a big fan of the new ‘DIY’ security signs either.

I still have the originals (no ‘DIY’, just ‘SuretyCAM’)…which is much better IMO. Maybe one day, they will go back to it.

Maybe it is just me, but the signage is important as a deterrent, maybe more so than the actual system itself.
I won’t use generic signage, and ‘DIY’, whether true or not, just screams non-professional, big box junk (like Simplisafe), or fake camera/security system Installed here.

I like the eyeball, and ‘CAM’, as it gives the impression that ‘hey, you are being watched, and video recorded, so move On’. ‘DIY’ just doesn’t do that.

The orignal signage weathers very nicely…it has been, what? 5 years or so now? I still have two unused decals left as well. No fading, or sun damage.

Original Sign:

Original Decal stickers:

Image for SuretyCAM sign/decals
SuretyCAM security dign

SuretyCAM Decal

With the new branding to and new dog logo will the yard signs and stickers be upgraded to reflect the changes?? Just curious

Thank You

Yes, changes to the signs/stickers will be coming, as well as additional website changes. Stay tuned!

I don’t know if the new logo will appear on the security signs, but I do hope the new signs will have the security gravitas that previous commentators have requested. I must admit the “warm and fuzzy puppy” style of the logo won’t do much for me in this respect. Not that I want a snarling Doberman graphic either, just something that looks professional. I have to wonder if the logo was tested with an audience wrt how it is perceived in the context of security. It honestly looks like marketing form over security substance. I’d rather not have burglars actually test the alarm system because they ignore the signage.

Of course its not the end of the world if the signs are underwhelming. I am planning to change from ADT to another service with a significant upgrade in capability and Surety looks attractive in combination with Qolsys. However, if the new signage is lacking then I will either continue to display ADT, use an old Brinks sign (since the Brinks brand has been resurrected) or find something else; none of which should be what Surety wants.

Hi, the new yard sign is shown on our Facebook page now. I hope you like it, but if you don’t we would be happy to send you the old suretyCAM signs instead. Just let us know if you decide to sign up.

Market testing showed that the majority of people do not want a scary looking yard sign in their yard. In fact, to most people it’s a turn off. Of course, nothing is true about all people and there will certainly be some that would prefer a scary, intimidating-looking yard sign.

In addition to the dog face being reminiscent of a pit bull, the shield shape is intended to convey security. We wanted it to imply security without offending the majority who doesn’t want a threatening sign in their yard. I hope you at least agree it’s professional looking :wink:

Thanks for the reply Ryan, I’ll keep in mind the option.

Just to be clear, I agree that a hypothetical graphic of what looks like a rabid guard dog, or frankly anything that looks aggressive, is not what I would consider desirable in a residential neighborhood, or probably for your brand; although clearly some neighborhoods are rougher and others much more genteel, which might color peoples opinion on that. I assume the logo, sign etc is a done deal, so the following is probably an academic observation at this point, but I’ll make it anyway for feedback.

I think I get the modern vibe you were going for and to answer your query the sign looks professionally designed , but the more important characteristic to convey is a professional service you are providing, which is why people wanted DIY removed from the old signs. Perhaps a sign that just had “Protected by Surety” with “Protected by” in much larger font replacing the dog logo (or reducing it to be much smaller at the top) would communicate the most important aspect of your service for a householder … and send the most important message to the prospective burglar and potential customers.

The shield shape is fine but maybe too subtle to be picked up by many until perhaps after they read the sign. If your dog logo already had high brand recognition, and awareness of what it related to in the marketplace, then it might make sense to lead with it dominating the sign (think Nike swoosh graphic), but that isn’t the case (and it generally costs a great deal of money and time to establish such brands) which is another reason to emphasize what the service is about on the sign in my opinion.

Finally, I know how passionate and involved people in a company can be about logos and tag lines, been there done that with a multi-billion dollar tech company. A suggestion, take a step back and look at your sign with fresh eyes. What jumps out is the dog graphic and “surety” text. Does that immediately convey security, or something to do with dog care, or just not clear?

Hmm, maybe it’s just me, but I’m having a hard time seeing a “dog” in that new graphic. It looks like the profile of a rhinoceros. Seriously, I’m not kidding, but my eyes might be playing tricks with the two-color scheme.

Drat! You’ve stumbled upon our secret formula. The combined protective power of a rhinoceros… and a little pit bull. :slight_smile:

Love the new sign over the old , Its more modern, unique and has the verbiage protected by. It represents the change the company is going for and doesn’t emphasize DIY for example I mean there is a company that has orange signs , that doesn’t look intimidating at all , and still millions of customers still place them in their yards. Great job on the Rebrand Some ppl may just have a hard time with change that’s all. Just my opinion :slight_smile: !!!