Smartthings & GC3

I originally had the GC3 panel as a secondary controller to my smartthings hub with a few devices for automation. I replaced a switch and was having issues getting everything to show up in so I reset and started over. Everything shows on the panel now but not on Following this Smartthings/2GIG-GC3/ I tried a cell sync/test but after 12 hrs things are still not showing up. Is there anything else I can do to try and push this along?


There is sometimes a delay in when the panel will update ADC with new Z-wave device lists. I sent a command to the system to request an updated device list and it looks like that has now been sent to ADC. Can you confirm?

You actually have access to this command as well for troubleshooting, found in the System Manager here.

Good to know! Everything is showing now, thanks!