Siwitch going on by itself

My firebowl went on and no one turned it on. The problem is, water has to run through it (pool must be on) to cool it and pool is not on all the time.

I dont have the firebowl in any rules or schedules (Im adding one to turn it off daily. now)

This happened before about 2 months ago. Its hooked into a GE outdoor z Wave switch

Also, is there a way I can be notified if this switch goes on?

What model number of switch is it? Is it the GE 14284? GE 14285?.

Some devices such as bulbs will automatically turn on if they lose power and then power is reapplied. I’m not aware of this being the case on any plug-in switches, but it is possible.

It may be a malfunctioning switch.

Light switch activity is not an option to trigger notifications at this time, although I’ve actually recently pushed this as a request to ADC.

For reference the original is below.

Its the 14284

I have unplugged it and plugged it repeatedly and no triggering.

Does the top manual on/off/program button feel more loose or more stiff than expected? Is the module in an area exposed where it could be tampered with? Is the panel used by anyone else to turn on/off lights?

If you have had repeated events where the device has turned on with no physical input at the device or the panel, I would consider first factory resetting the device: To return to factory defaults, if plugged in, unplug from the receptacle. Press and hold the top button for at least 3 seconds while you plug the switch into the receptacle.

Then remove the device from the panel and re-add it. If the behavior continues I would consider replacing.

The button is on the side (front) of the unit. It feels very stiff but it is with others.

It is exposed to sun, so maybe it heats up and gets “soft” and triggers. I switched it with another one to see if it does it again and also added 4 rules to turn it off at various time daily as a safety since it has to do with fire.

There is no one around this switch as its by the swimming pool equipment and no one goes by that except me.

That will be a good test to see if the problem follows the specific switch.