Sensor groups, mode that is instant for Stay and delay for Away?


I’m trying to figure out an option for the sensor groups which, I feel, is a pretty standard circumstance.

I’d like all my external doors to have the usual Entry/Exit delay when in Away mode, but to instantly trip the alarm if in Stay mode. This makes sense because you’d want to enter/exit when in Away mode to get back inside the house. But if you’re in Stay mode (expecting nobody to be entering the house) you’d want an instant trip for all external doors/windows.

Is there a sensor setting for this? I’ve looked through them here and either I’m misunderstanding the one I need, or it’s just not there.


This is not handled by a sensor group.

Whether or not entry doors have a delay is handled independent of Away/Stay and can be applied during any arming event.

Whether on the panel or arming from your phone the same applies, you can select No Entry Delay as an option to make it so entry/exit doors are instant alarms during that arming period.

If you arm with scenes you cannot choose each activation of a scene, but you can specify when editing the scene whether it arms with delay or no entry delay. So you could have one scene for Away and one for Stay and you could set the Stay scene to always use No Entry Delay.

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the explanation. I like that solution, except I have Stay arming set automatically with a rule (the one where it sets if there’s been no activity for a prescribed period of time after a certain hour) and I can’t find an option to have it set No Entry Delay when doing that. Is that possible?

No Entry Delay cannot be selected for smart arming at this time, however I am happy to forward this to as an enhancement request. It would be great to have that as an option or perhaps scene activation as an option.