Schlage zwave door lock from Lowes

I recently picked up one of these door locks on clearance from Lowes. It states that it’s a zwave device however it’s for iris which is Lowes version of 2GIG. Two questions 1: Can I get this to work with the 2GIG system? 2: How to program it?

2GIG supports the older Z-Wave Schlage locks but not the newer ones. As far as I know, if the lock was manufactured in 2013 then 2GIG does not yet support it. Specifically 2GIG does not yet support the new Schlage motorized deadbolt locks that were released in early 2013. They had planned to fix that in the 1.10 firmware release but didn’t. Now they’re saying it will be fixed in the 1.11 firmware release which I’m hoping to see in early 2014. If you want good 2GIG compatibility it’s best use a Yale lock.

Ok so i’m not sure of the manufactured date of this lock. What are the directions for syncing the lock to the panel I would like to at least give it a try before returning it.

On the 2GIG panel just go to Services -> Z-Wave -> Toolbox (the little wrench in the corner) -> Add Devices. Then follow the instructions the came with the lock on how to add it to the network.

Is it a deadbolt? If so, is it motorized or does the person outside have to manually turn the front to unlock it? If it’s a motorized deadbolt it definitely won’t work with 2GIG.

So this link states that Kwikset would work with the 2GIG system but you are saying that the yale is best due to compatibility. Could you confirm that the kwikset would not work? Cost wise I can pick up a Kwikset deadbolt at a better price than I can the Yale door lock.

Yes, Kwikset works fine with 2GIG. I wrote that article before Yale made z-wave locks. Now I consider Yale to be a better option. Yale is more secure electronically because it has 10 buttons whereas Kwikset only has 5. If you do the math it’s 16 times harder to guess the code on a Yale or Schlage lock than a Kwikset. Schlage is the only one with compatibility problems with 2GIG.

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Hi Ryan - is there any update on newer Schlage compatibility with 2gig systems?

All of the Lowes iris zwave gear works with 2GIG (zwave v 2.78)
All the switches/gear is dated 2013. I myself have installed the Lowes/iris 100db siren and two of the iris/GE jasco zwave light switches (both 3way and single switch). All have a manufacturer batch date of 2013 (e,g, batch date ‘1319’…19th week of 2013)

For more on the Lowes iris zwave gear and 2GIG installation see:


I don’t have an useful update on 2GIG support for Schlage motorized deadbolts. Here the best summary I can give.

Early 2013: Schlage releases a motorized deadbolt that is not compatible with 2GIG. It’s not a z-wave incompatibility, it’s an incompatibility with the encryption Schlage uses to send messages over z-wave. 2GIG says they will update their firmware to be compatible with the new Schlage locks in their 1.10 release.

May 2013: 2GIG releases firmware 1.10 and in the release notes it says “New Schlage Lock support”. I’m happy.

Oct 2013: A customer gets a 2GIG firmware update cable, updates to 1.10 and tries to enroll his new Schlage deadbolt. It doesn’t work. I call 2GIG tech support and the agent tells me 1.10 supports all Schlage locks but the new motorized deadbolts and the new Schlage deadbolts will be supported in the 1.11 firmware release. I’m sad.

Feb 2014: Another customer reaches out wanting to use a Schlage motorized deadbolt with 2GIG. I call 2GIG tech support to ask for an update and the agent tells me Schlage motorized deadbolts have been supported since the 1.10 firmware release. I’m confused.

The 2GIG 1.11 firmware release has been delayed several times. It still hasn’t been released as of today. I’m kind of expecting a new firmware release coinciding with ISC West in a couple weeks. I don’t know whether that will have any affect on Schlage lock compatibility. We’ll do some digging and see what we can find out.

Has anyone out there successfully used a Schlage motorized deadbolt with 2GIG firmware 1.10 or 1.10.1? I’m tempted to get one just to try it myself. We use Yale locks here so we don’t have any Schlage deadbolts in stock to test with.

The Lowes/iris Schlage zwave lock…

It is only a ANSI grade 2 lock though, it it recommended to use a grade 1 on entries

iris zwave

Has anyone out there successfully used a Schlage motorized deadbolt with 2GIG firmware 1.10 or 1.10.1? I’m tempted to get one just to try it myself

Its $200, and they have a good return policy. It would be awesome, if you got one to test, and created a YouTube installation video. There is not one existing online anywhere for pairing the iris Schlage wireless lock to 2GIG.

According to Schlage (as of 2/5/14)…the lock should work (at least the newly released touchscreen zwave locks, so perhaps the compatibility issues are now resolved)

“When used in conjunction with a home automation or monitored security systems, such as Z-Wave compatible systems, that include 2Gig by Linear,, Nexia™ Home Intelligence, ELAN, Leviton, Lowes’ Iris…”


According to the 2GIG tech support agent I just spoke with, the Schlage motorized deadbolts are supported by 2GIG panels using the 1.10 firmware. He said they’ve tested them in the office and that they work.

Thanks all for the quick responses! I went ahead and purchased a Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt (BE469NXCEN625) from Amazon ( I believe its an ANSI Grade 1. As soon as I receive it, I’ll give it a go and report back.

Happy to report that the Schlage Deadbolt (BE469NXCEN625) did in fact work with my 2gig system (v10.1 firmware). Was very simple to configure and pair. Very happy with the result! Thanks again for all the support!

That’s great news Sean! Thanks for letting us know.

I can also confirm that the new Schlage locks with motorized deadbolts (BE469NXCEN619) are working with the 2GIG GoControl panel running 1.10.1 firmware. I just put two of these in this weekend and they’re working great. I will say that I’m having some responsiveness issues getting to unlock the doors, but I’m going to open that in a new thread under the topic.

Glad to hear it!

May have spoken a little early. Sean, are you noticing that the locked / unlocked status doesn’t always update properly? I thought it might have been an issue with connectivity, but I think it’s between the panel and the lock. I left the back door unlocked and both my app and the web page show that the lock was locked. Multiple page refreshes and presses of the refresh button in the app. It still shows locked. If I go to the panel and go into z-wave – locks – back door it updates the status from the lock and then reads unlocked. quickly changes to unlocked status so it looks more like the status isn’t being updated often enough in the panel.

I have noticed the mobile status for the lock is sometimes incorrect. The status seems to refresh and report correctly if I re-sending a lock or unlock command via the mobile app. Refreshing alone does not seem to do it which also led me to believe its a lock to panel issue. I’d be interested if you find a solve.